Dorro Inni, A baby's name

I got me thinking again about online casino as we were boarded on a bus en route to work. The dusty road shoving off nano-particles of dust onto our faces through the bus windows didn't veer my sight off eying the online casino on the side of the road. Then, I just realized I had to post a dream which have been marooned in my unpublished posts on blogger.

AJ with his nephew and I are headed for the Casino. We play roulette with tens of faint faces of Casino goers but we don't win. Because of AJ's prodding that we have to leave the place avoiding hooking up more amount, we see ourselves bounding out of the place and realize that the day has turned to gray. The way out of the pavement extending from the entrance of the building is dark and its silence is somewhat scary. Marred with agitation in our facades and the fear growing in me, I turn my back to see who's behind us. I see a suspicious guy wearing a maroon shirt, his eyes fixed on us. He looks belligerent and diabolic with his red eyes blazing in the dark. I panick as I suspect him to want to stab any of us. I see him hiding a knife on his back.

He would have stabbed AJ had I not warned him to run away. Three of us all run for our lives. I feel so bad though that AJ scamper off first and never bothers to care for me and his nephew. I also run as fast as I can, make some pauses, and wait for AJ's nephew. AJ's nephew tumbles his way to escape and I see him transform into a teenage boy.

I also dream of an incident where I see myself and AJ naming three baby girls. They are new born babies though I am not sure whose babies they are. We give the names, "15", "Iri", and "Dorro Inni". AJ's mom tells us though after a witty comprehension that Dorro Inni is the reverse of the word "toilet" in our vernacular.


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