The Jukebox Door

I am at the church with the uneasiness drilling me on to get out of the sacred place. My friend who now works abroad is about to have the best time of his life. He will tie the knot with a woman he met in Taiwan but whose face is an obscurity to me. Disgustingly, I see myself dressed as a farmer, I am a reflection of a scarecrow wearing a buri hat and a pair of slacks rolled up just below my knee. My presence is an infringement of the consecrated structure.

And with my flip-flops on, I decide to sit down onto the pew at the back near the entrance of the church. I am trying to fight the force that has been wanting me to leave and ignore the special moment. I carry a backpack on my back and my ears are plugged with an mp3 player's ear buds.

ear buds. I look at the obfuscated faces mostly women taking pictures. The color pink radiating from their garments is a stand out.

I eventually see myself leaving. I can't see my friend around anymore though I know we were just talking earlier while he was smoothing over his black socks. As I turn my back towards the main door, a fabulously painted cupboard hangs down from the ceiling. It looks huge but I don't see any of its doors open. Instead, I see a small slot like that of a jukebox. A coin is necessary to unlock it.

I am now in trouble with that big pendulum hanging by the door. It literally blocks exit. I know it is easy to bend my way out but I just can't. I start looking for a coin in my pockets but they're empty. I turn towards the altar and my friend is now visible with his obscured wife having some picture taking. He gives me a coin, then I am out of my dreamzzz world.

Swimming Pool

Varicolored cars are lined up as they are aesthetically parked around the resort. They look like toy cars on display catching the attraction of the so many customers trying to ease themselves with a cold swim. The swimming pool is huge and kilometrically stretched around the area like an L-Square.

Myself is seen holding a pool vacuum, uncomfortable, uneasy and my eyes just keep wandering around. I seem to be looking for that high school friend of mine. He is nowhere to be seen so I continue my business.

I can't keep but be amazed at how the resort looks like. The tall palm trees with their fronds happily swaying with the breeze of the wind catch me in awe. The hot and humid air though gives me the feeling that I myself should get a splash. Had it not because been because of my best friend's mom's stern face, I would have had the liberty to plunge in the cool water of the pool.

A few moments later, my best friend's mom call me to water the fringe of plants surrounding the pool. I then get the coiled and long hose in the filter room and when I go back to where I was, the sight of my handsome best friend sends me beaming with joy, delight, and uneasiness. He is still one of my crushes. While watering the plants, my friend and I engage in a relaxing talk about good old days. All of a sudden, her mom screams in disgust. I just realized I have been shooting her with the water down her skirt instead of the plants. I fidget and stay motionless as I watch her slowly transform into a banana tree.

My Two Boyfriends

The swells of the sea seem mesmerizing. I am absorbed in its waves and its swishing sounds drifting me off to old memories.

This dream of mine takes me to a beach resort where I see myself sunk in its white sand. The thatched roof cottages are sporadically located in the area and there are modern houses made of concrete and galvanized iron placing the beach so accessible to my home. It's weird that I live in the mountains 3-hour away from the nearest beach and yet I see my house around the resort. I am enjoying my loneliness watching the billows of the sea when two milky-white skinned foreigners catch my attention. They are half naked and they take me in awe. I earn my guts to talk to the more handsome guy, trying to build some rapport, and something nasty later. Again, the animalistic lust in me gets triggered by the presence of two prospects.

The guy is surprisingly friendly. He tells me his name which my memory can't recall because his face and well-built muscles seem more notable. We take a leisurely walk ashore and around the village.

After some time, I just realize that any moment my boyfriend AJ shall be coming to call me for our lunch date in one of the cottages. I remember the guy telling me he is from Durasian- a country I have never heard before. I ask him if it is somewhere in Europe and he affirms. I feel so happy that even before AJ could arrive, he invites me for a luxurious lunch at his rented hotel room where his friend (the one I saw earlier)has been waiting. I beam in excitement as he holds my hand on our way for some meals. Before anything nasty could happen, I awake in disappointment.

The Invisible Ogre

The covered basketball court takes me to one of its bleachers. I am seated looking at everybody who seems in some euphoria of excitement. The benches surrounding the ground are all filled with spectators, mostly girls. There are quite a few I am familiar with but they don't mind me seeing I am seated with my boyfriend. Two women, each with a cellphone break the silence in my spot. One of them has a moon-shaped face perhaps because of her protruded jaw. The other one has a moonlike surface on her visage.

Having learned from some people around that these women were bestowed some Superpower by the same alien creature who gave Darna (Philippine version of Wonderwoman) the mysterious power stone. I ask them if they used their stones and they say they transformed into the hailed heroine the night before. They start telling me of how they enjoyed the power given to them. They take a seat across from the bench where I am seated and they are added to the countless people busying their fingers with their communication gadgets.

All of a sudden, everybody seems taking pictures everywhere, then to my direction. They apparently are not taking my picture and AJ's so I start to wonder. They tell me they see something through their cp's which their naked eyes can't see. I become grizzled so I stand up. All their cameras are towards my direction. Before I could see the creature they are taking pictures of, I am blown ten feet away from where I have set my foot on.

An ogre, out of nowhere appears before my eyes, with his clenched fist, he lunged a quick blow onto my chest. I feel a thud but there is no pain. I got to my feet and warn AJ to take precautions.

Blog Directory

My eyes take me to a basketball court back in my hometown. I don't see myself playing the game but I see familiar faces of old friends. Everything seems green to me, from the ball, backboard, post, benches and the playground itself. I am sitting like a child motioning my eyes to and fro at the busy dribblers. Beside the court is a close friend's house. This friend of mine finished his college with a major in Psychology but he appears to me in my dream as a physician.

I approach him and tell him I have been recuperating from hepatitis but haven't really gotten over it. (I was told that the disease becomes a part of your system and there's no way of doffing it of yourself.)

He gesticulates that we go to the side of the court though. He wears what seems like a white lab gown with a stethoscope around his neck. He asks me to lie down and he opens my stomach with a pair of scissors. Strange but I don't see any blood out and I don't feel any pain. Moments later, he starts pulling a never ending length of green thread wreathed with green pellet guns. He explains it as the reason I won't ever get over my liver disease.

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Another Nightmare

I felt so absorbed in reading this novel by a certain Janice Kaiser that I went to bed when the roosters in the neighborhood had started crowing. As I sank into unconsciousness, it was raining. With my backpack inside my white and black rain coat, I was trudging my way to school. The flooded pavement towards the entrance plus the puddles on the semi-concrete ground made it feel that my waders were useless, they were wet but I proceeded anyway.

I walked past a plomp girl, Chinese-looking. She was wearing a pink jacket and sporting an artificial blond hair in pony tail. The long queue of students waiting at the entrance for the routine check put me waiting aside taking off my rain coat. Beside me were ROTC officers superciliously looking at the faces scooting in the campus for their respective classes. It was in the morning.

As I readied my bag for the inspection, the girl in pink jacket just cut in. I gave her a dirty look and she realized how rude she was to bypass the queue. She said her apology while I gestured with my hand that was ok. That was all and my eyes opened to a brighter world, I saw my boyfriend sleeping with an old white jersey on. I felt some fingers, a thumb and an index perhaps thrusting their way to my mouth. I couldn’t see whom they belonged to. Next thing, I heard some squeashing sound. The sound of a tooth being rooted out. I started moaning in terror. AJ was right beside me, and slapped me in for the reality. It was a nightmare.

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Lost in a construction site

It was like the Tale of Two Cities. A squatter's area depicting poverty in the city and over the high wall gapping the shanties was an affluent town.

I see myself walking, clad in a pair of shorts less than an inch above the knee,and a pair of flip-flops. I feel so darn hungry and I see myself walking on the street looking for food. The houses to my left and right are big and beautiful. They are adorned with expensive ornaments, metallic tufts surrounding them, glowing white paints, and grecian doors and windows. Extending my eyes to the right side of the road brings me to another level down under. There's another long stretch of a road and I just figure I am on a hill. An ongoing construction of a humongous house invites me to stop. The workers wearing yellow hard hats on the slope of the hill stir the entire village with their drills and pounding hammers.

I continue to walk and when I turn to my right, the scene changes to a crowded sprouts of shanties. I see some familiar faces. They invite me to their dwellings but a peddler vending some fishballs on my way puts me to a stop. I satisfy my eyes but not my stomach. As I look around, I see some mothers doing their own laundry. I sit with them and we engage in gossips.

After some time, I decide to leave and see myself getting his way out of the village. I am back at the construction site where workers I am unfamiliar with keep shouting at me. I panic and try to leave the place quickly but the pair of my slippers gets stuck at the slabs of wood and planks of metal lying on the ground. I manage to get out but I don't find one of my slippers.

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The Bandit

"Aaargh, aaargh" I heard myself scream early in the morning today. It was a nightmare, obviously and it was a lucky one for me, I managed to grope for consciousness before anything worse could have happened.

The place was dark. The shrubs and bushes protruding side by side each other on the dim ground gave the place a labyrinthine look. I knew I was looking for the key to our office here in Manila but it was weird because I was at home. I ended up stumbling upon a dismantled and rusty sink and I ended up drinking the liquid in it, I felt sated not minding whether it was clean water or not.

The mindset I had and the awareness of the lost key, wanted to me to continue, though apparently I kept hitting those swinging coffee trees and I kept being hurled to and fro. My dizziness put myself sitting on the ground leaning on one of the robust bushes. Then I heard a flurry from a nearby distance. I heard multiple footsteps scurrying towards my location. I turned around and I saw my cousins, my sister, and my brothers. My exhaustion vanished and my face glared. I just realized then that I was at the backyard of our house.

I was very excited to enter the house with the thought that a nice rest was awaiting me inside. I didn't wait for my relatives and siblings to get closer before I tried to break in. I left them behind just a few meters from the house's entrance. When I turned to my right a few steps towards the door, a skinny, half-masked guy from below his eyes, came storming out of the house and he just scared the shit out of me. He looked like a bandit and he met me at gunpoint. I kept screaming.

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An Act of Lasciviousness

I don't know what's up to him now. I haven't seen him for a long time. The last contact we had was almost two years ago. That was the time I turned him down borrowing money from me for the greener pasture his wife dreamt of having abroad.

Then, he joined me in one of my REM's last night. After playing basketball, we boarded a small side-car which is of course uncommon in my hometown. While on the trike, I felt a mixture of excitement having no idea of where we were headed for. My friend was behind me and sitting beside me was a foreigner who echoed an Arabian decent. He was well-built, wearing a sleeveless, checked polo shirt.

I felt some blood rush through my spine as I looked at him. He was damn gorgeous but I was earlier warned by the thought of staying quiet, avoiding that that wrong move could leave me smacked on the face. As we were about to get off the trike, this guy seated to my left just started showing some an act of lasciviousness by hornily stroking my left arm. I felt aroused but I didn't want to see myself embarrassed in front of a friend who has shown respect and looked up to me all these years. I had to feign the sensual pleasure I felt. My unfavorable reaction stirred my friend behind. Once we were all unloaded he started kicking the other guy's ass while trying to catch a speeding bus on the highway.

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Casino Treat

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I go home and I see my boyfriend bitten by a dog on his head. He lose his consciousness on the spot and I take him home. At home my parents are sleeping and snoring and I try my best to wake them up but they don't seem to respond. I really need help to take my boyfriend to the hospital. I don't have a cellphone to contact anybody and my parents are my only hope. I scream and cry at the top of my lungs and ask for help but to no avail. I wake up from this nightmare.

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I got lost
I got found
I got lost and got crashed
Got squashed under a heavy truck
Got lost again...
Awoke, and found myself...

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Eating Out Under The Rain

Back in my hometown, I am at a compound where my Filipina boss lives. It is a surprise that she already owns three different houses, each beautiful in its own. I used to be under her supervision while working for a Korean school in the city but that was three years ago. Am I back in the school where I once worked? Maybe, in my dream. (LOL)
She gives me a very warm accommodation as she lets me enjoy a night rest in one of the houses. She hands me over the key to the house. The next day, her daughter comes telling me we are eating out. It's her mom's treat. I take a shower, look at myself in the mirror, put the house in order, and I leave.

Arriving at the gate of the compound, I remember I just left the key inside the house. I tell my boss' daughter who's now inside a pajero car how sorry I am for being forgetful. I must be in a hurry on my way out and I just tell her to get it herself knowing that she and her boyfriend are headed for the same place anyway to get something.

As I exit the gate, I see AJ's dad buying some Chinese noodles from a vendor on the street. He doesn't see me and so I just ignore him now that all of a sudden my younger sister appeared by my side. We are both agitated, expecting some special event. It's almost raining as the drizzle starts tattooing the ground.

A few moments later, my older brother arrives with his two horses and he gives both of us a ride. AJ's dad turns into my own dad and we eat at a concrete table in an open area with the Chinese noodles packed in several styro's. It's raining.

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