A Public Hearing On The Roadside

On an elevated riprap which seems like a fjord, I see a black female commercial model doing a catwalk. She wears a golden skirt that well matches her complexion and her kinky hair fashioned like a haywire. On her top is a tight black spaghetti tube. She looks so confident with her wide smile.

After a few seconds, three black men with jungle outfits emerge from somewhere. They hold what seems like a customized and elongated stage that perfectly fits the narrow width of the fjord. The stage is pillared with three huge poles of bamboos. Their diameter is similar to that of a normal pine tree trunk. Each pole measures around more than thirty feet. Each of the African-looking men stunningly carries the huge poles and they move the stage so facilely like puppeteers.

With a wink of an eye, the woman is raised on the platform as she continually does her thing. She looks so dashing on the stage and is being treated like a queen while doing some dances. The sight looks so magical. How can she manage to balance herself on the platform more than thirty feet high from the fjord? I don't see myself grow in height but I can see her clearly in awe from where I stand. Amazing.

The scene shifts to a public hearing. It is indeed a public hearing that it is taking place in open area on the side of the road. I am standing on the same riprap but this time with the company of my boyfriend. The model and the three mean earlier just vanished. There are a lot of kibitzers on the road. The people await the courtroom drama. I see the judge in the middle and the brown table adorned with some artifacts like flags and old knives and bolos. One of the lawyers closely examines them and raises a flag. He tells everybody that those are stolen artifacts.

More and more people get attracted to the sight and I feel exhausted. I ask my boyfriend to take a walk and find a place where we can drink some water.I see lots of faces with huge unfamiliarity. Down the road as we go further, I see an old friend. He is fixing a car. I tell him I need a ride. He asks me to come over. He opens the front trunk of the car and he fixes its propeller. The longer I look at it, the propeller turns into a washing machine's propeller and it becomes too small.

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The Computers On The Rooftop

The space on the roof top leaves a sight of metals sprawled on the floor. It must be a huge unfinished building with some protruding iron bars on the concrete. There is a confusion whether I am the office or at someone else's rooftop. I am alone and it is dusking.

I see six computers. I am at the first elongated desk displaying three computers and I see another desk ahead of me with three other desktops. I turn on one of the computers and I play pinball. It must be pinball I guess. I keep so absorbed and my fingers begin to turn jittery.

I vigorously press the keys which all turn into arrows here and there. As I try to press the arrow key pointed downwards, the first computer at the other desk gets ejected towards me. I look at it and it turns tinier as seconds tick off. I press the other keys and the remaining computers also get ejected. I am nervous minding my boss who might catch me messing up with his computers as I pick up the first one. In seconds, it turns into a mini-computer.

This isn't a nightmare and I have to wake up.

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The Air-Conditioner In A Bag

The long stairs seem so vivid as I see myself going down. The topmost part of it shows my cousin's house standing on the hill. We seem so distant from each other that she keeps yelling at me telling me to hurry up and ready everything because a heavy rain is on its way to wet the dryland. I end up reaching their backyard and I start picking up chayotes and other fruits and vegetables. I put them inside a sack I have in my right hand.

I am sure I am at their backyard but I see her dad's office there. Her dad had passed away. I start packing his folders and envelopes to put them in the house. I see a really big bag and I start pulling it. Inside the bag are other files and folders and a big air-conditioner. My cousin sees my burden pulling it and she comes down to help. She goes upstairs and I decide to have a short rest. When I look upstairs, she is gone.

A building starts to appear on my left. It opens its door and I decide to get in. The room is really spacious as I see huge stairs which appear like bleachers. On the ceiling are metal braces to support what must be heavy metal roofs of the building. I feel tired and sleepy and I see myself taking a nap on one of the braces. When I open my eyes, a familiar old man comes in through the wall and starts shouting at me. He aks me to leave the place immediately. I quickly get up and as I leave, two good looking men both wearing red tee's meet me with their killer smiles. They sure both are handsome young lads.

The outside of the building looks different now. I see the long stairs in one of the parks in my hometown. I see an old friend. She looks so gorgeous as she stares at me on her descent. I am so eager to meet her halfway as she watches her kids descending ahead of her. As we get closer, I become more conscious and so I look at my shirt and pants. I am wearing a red shirt and a besmirched faded green jeans. When I look at them again, the stairs are gone and the scene brings us to my elementary school ground. I see her children eagerly approaching the microphone on the school stage. There's a singing contest her kids are wanting to join. I give my encouragements.

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Shark Steak

Standing by the river near one of my cousins' house. I leisurely watch some rubbish being drifted away by the cataract. There's an iron basin, a TV set, a refrigerator, and I see a live duck helplessly getting himself out of the water. I call my dad's attention standing from behind and tell him I just saw a huge deal of fresh meat floating on the water. He quickly manages to salvage it.

We go to the kitchen and ask my mom to prepare a dish out of it. My mom comes and tells us the food is ready. When I look at the food. It's so gross. It looks like human guts sliced thinly and queued on sticks. I lose the nerve to have them on my palate though I know I am so hungry.

I walk around the house and I see a toddler playing. My dad and his friends are playing "tong-it", a (Filipino card game)in the living room. He tells the child to go to sleep. The child leaves and disappears. I walk past them and go to the kitchen. I see an older child sleeping on the hard sofa. He seems like one of my cousins around seven years old. He is fast asleep though his lower legs are already sprawled on the floor and his upper body on the sofa. I look for some food in the kitchen. I open the casserole looking for some food, I see some sauted meat but it appears to me that it must be some sliced shark's meat. Urggh. I change my mind and watch my dad play card games. Before my senses even sends me a nudge, I tell him to make the sleeping child comfortable on the sofa.

I am really hungry. I think I have to go the cafeteria now and grab some food before I start my first class online.

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The Baby Down Under My Feet

I felt so tired this morning as I had to substitute for a teacher who just took a leave. I decided to enjoy a siesta two hours before my first class just an hour away from lunch time. Dream with me...

I am hypnagogic, lying on the cushioned floor, I am leaned on the cushion on my left side. There seems to be a battle between my reality and my fantasy. I can't seem to move. I know there's my cellphone within reach on my left but I just can't grab it. My arms are numb.

Oh my! How could there be a baby boy down under my feet? He keeps moving down there but he is too quiet. I can't seem to look at where he is since I can't move but I know he must be so angelic. I am also aware that I am talking to his mom seated on the rattan chair near the base of the mattress. She wears a strikingly yellow blouse and a gray skirt. She peacefully sits there watching the sight of her baby and me. I make another attempt to try to turn over trying to be careful enough so as not to disturb the baby in lull. I really can't and am so distressed. I shouldn't be in a nightmare.

Am I at my house? I think so. It has totally changed. The once shabby house with dull walls and layout has totally changed. Now, I see the walls painted yellow similar to the baby's mom's blouse color.

I must not be dreaming. I rose from where I lay and look out the window. It's raining and I see my house, the old look of my house. Very shabby, the only picture of poverty in the entire village. It's raining. I can see my brothers and father busying themselves around a square space surrounded with sterling wires. Hanging on to the wires and enclosing them are yellow tarpaulins arranged like curtains. They are painstakingly brushing and cleansing them, removing their stains and making them look brand new. They all give me smiles and my younger brother tells me they're making huge cash out of it.

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A talk over some strawberry jam

Looking at him from a close distance beside the thicket fencing the pavement, I see "Brandon" sharpening a small saw in the veranda. He seems thrilled thrusting a small piece of iron in between the teeth of the other piece of metal. Beside him are two other guys who certainly look obscure and are busying themselves fixing broken umbrellas. I haven't seen Brandon for a long time. He gives me a heartwarming smile. In a second or so, he turns into one of my male cousins.

As if he knew my intention, he starts telling me to proceed to their house and that his younger sister and mom might just be surprised to see me. Just before turning my back on "Larry"(Brandon just transformed into my cousin named Larry)who continues to enjoy his work, an unfamiliar guy emerges from behind and volunteers to take me to my aunt and Larry's sister. I tell him he doesn't have to because I know the place but he insists. He seems cocky. I leave him and reach my aunts house in no time.

The Bungalow looks so quiet. I get the feeling that there is no one inside. The half-opened, wooden brown door though tells me otherwise. I get inside the house and the guy who offered to go with me just vanished into thin air. (He is actually good looking and I felt a sudden gush of faggot screams inside me, LOL)The interior of the house is almost familiar with me. The locations of the dining table, the posters on the walls, and the linoleum haven't changed. But where are the furnitures? They are gone as I look around and the emptiness of the living room in particular catches my attention. A sudden gust of wind makes its way through the opened backdoor and starts levitating the floor covering.

I sit in the dining area and my female cousin arrives, in her hand is a shopping bag made of straw. She sits down, joins me and tells me they are leaving the place. She points to her mom in the room adjacent to the living room and I see my aunt carrying a TV set, a refrigerator, and a washing machine at the same time. I tell my cousin how sad I feel about their plan. Flashbacks of childhood memories I had in the house started to run through my head. My cousin consoles me and opens the straw-bag she just placed under the table. I peek in and I see a load of strawberry jam. She gets some A4 papers and folds them like sandwhiches. She fills them, eagerly eats them and offers me some. I refuse and tell her instead to just give me some for the take home.

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What do you Think?

A little bit later, I will be posting one of my dreams though I feel like I want to change the tense of the verb I often use with my narration. Instead of sticking to my old way of narrating my dreams using the simple past, I want to use the simple present tense and the progressive tense to see if these may somehow make my narration livelier. Please tell me what you think. To be honest, I am struggling about how to make myself a better writer. Thanks a lot.^^

The Water Train

We just heard from my boyfriend's sister that there was gonna be a major flood that may endanger the place where his family and I stay. We quickly left for home and we took a train ride to make it on time and to bring to salvation our properties and belongings.

With my back pack on, I was seen standing on the train while it was zooming fast past a cave or might have been a sea tunnel. The train was windowless and I could sense the pressure of almost scratching or touching my body with the rough tunnel walls. I could clearly see the water under as the train was kinda shaky and I had to hold on for dear life that it was advancing real fast.

The fear and nervousness I felt was aggravated as the tunnel ceiling was causing the train to be bumpy. It kept rubbing the roof as I could see some sparks above caused by the friction. The train was like customized to almost exactly fit in the tunnel to avoid it tumbling down as there were no tracks. I managed to move in towards the head section of the train and the view towards the horizon gave me a grotesque picture of people waiting for our arrival. I think I saw some of my boyfriend's relatives waving their hands at us.

As we approached, the train skidded on to a concrete pavement and as I got off, the train just turned into a very long mattress which even billowed on the ground. When I turned back, all the other passengers just disappeared and I never even bothered to wait for my boyfriend anymore who was just closely trailing behind. The people I saw waving at us earlier also vanished and the neighborhood appeared like it was razed by fire though there were a few shanties left. There were also smokes here and there.

Not minding my boyfriend, I rushed in towards the first shanty to my left and a handsome naked teenage boy with a milky skin greeted me with delight. I wasn't sure if he was in hysteria because to my surprise he started tugging me and was wanting me to give him a fellatio. I felt the urge and followed him as he entered another shanty. I poked my head in at the door and saw what seemed like his family members sleeping. There were around five of them squeezed in the shanty and I was shocked that they were all naked. He cringed himself into the shelf adjacent to the wall of the shanty and was madly crying. He really wanted me to give him a blowjob.(weird!) Inspite of his shouting, his family members just ignored him.

I was like obliged to grant his desire but I had second thoughts that my boyfriend might catch me redhanded. A little bit later, my boyfriend's sister showed up and informed us to start packing our things and stuff in the backyard.

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The Helicopter Exit

It used to be one of my favorite hang outs whenever my compulsiveness fell upon me. Recently I have noticed myself dreaming where the scenes occur in my hometown. I was playing tennis and I was very proud to tell my new found friends here in Manila of my tennis prowess. We were gambling over our best serves. I was a failure that I tried hitting the ball more than ten times but the ball just keep passing through the guts of the racket. I never made a hit and so frustrated that I invited my friends home.

I think it was dinner time. I remember buying two bags of taro vegetables. There was no more taro left that I freaked out by taking a pee on the floor. Instead of urine coming out from my system, it was like a never ending spill or flow of milk while my mom was angrily looking at me.

Then my boyfriend and I left the house. I don't know what happened to my visitors. We went to town and we met two beautiful girls. They surely were good looking and we figured that they work as newscasters for a local TV Channel. They invited us over at the TV station. They introduced us to their boss who was an old guy with a mustache. We enjoyed watching one of the girl's newscast at the hotel lounge where the station was located. She even got a commendation from his boss, gave her a kiss and he offered us some drinks outside for the treat.

We went out of the building and I remember that we were suddenly making an exit off the helicopter, the rope ladder going down to the ground was too long that I remember being the second to the last person to descend. After landing, I was just so excited following the girls and their boss that I forgot to wait for my boyfriend. When I went back, my boyfriend was sitting on the rope ladder which now turned into a concrete one. He lost the nerve to go down because there were tens of chiuauas eagerly barking at him. He was crying as and told me why I didn't wait for him. He looked so scared but I was helpless standing from a distance. I couldn't go near him because I myself was scared of dogs.

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A Mermaid in the Creek?

I thought like it was the end of the world. My eyes were nailed to the flowing water in the creek as I was walking sideways to get to the nearest variety store in the neighborhood. Then I halted, I looked again closely at the creek to make sure I was looking at the real thing. It was too quiet and looking at the creek made the scene more horrible.

Flowing in the creek was not water but a very slimy liquid which gave me the idea that it was lava coming from a volcano though there is no volcano in the village. I also thought that water pollution in the area has gone bad that the whole thing occupying the creek was soapsuds. I thought there was a threatening catastrophe so I had to hurry then while eyeing at the bridge just a few meters ahead of me. The cataract of flowing matter in the creek almost overlapping the bridge prodded me to speed up.

Once my feet settled on the bridge, I gave a quick look at my cousin's riparian house. I must have been in illusion that I just saw my cousin's upper body emerge from the creek and sink back in right away. She seemed like her though she had longer hair, angelic face and, was wearing a blue shirt. She gave me a frightening look with her big eyes. That gave me a second thought whether what I saw was actually a cousin or a mermaid. (A mermaid in a creek?) If she were my cousin, then she would have been the only person visible to me at that time. The whole surroundings was really eerie.

After crossing the bridge, I finally arrived at the variety store where I bought three bags of fishballs. I remember my dad and his friends were drinking at home that I was on an errand to buy them appetizers. With three bags of fishballs in my hands, I felt frozen. I couldn't move, the stuff seemed so heavy that my feet were pinned down on the ground. The store owner suddenly disappeared and when I directed my eyes at my left towards the pavement, I saw two of my neighbors pass by. They offered me help but out of nowhere, my younger brother came rushing towards me and volunteered to carry one of the bags.

As we set our feet to head for home, my brother messed up with the fishballs, dropped the bag and the fishballs with its sauce just exploded on the ground. I was so damn disappointed in him that before my waking world, I started hitting him countless times with my knuckles on his head.

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The Violence Class

Wearing a red blouse and dashing as usual, she met me at the entrance of one of the biggest buildings on that avenue. The place is the biggest TV Network in the Philippines, ABS-CBN. I remember I was in a violent effort asking for her autograph while the security guards around just kept pushing the barricades to avoid a stampede as there was a mob. Everybody was just so dying to hold a piece of her popular figure.

Her name is Korina Sanchez, one of the best Newscasters in the Philippines in the actual world. Idolizing her could have been the reason why she had a special participation in my dreams. She had this smile like she was very eager to take me to the newsroom and give me some tour around. I was blabbering how much of a fanatic I was when she noticed me earlier at the entrance with the big crowd of people dying to get her autograph and sense of her fame.

She asked me to join her and gave me a pat on the back as we entered the building. I never got the reaction of the other people when we left the outdoor. She said she was giving me a tour for the privilege of meeting one of her fans. The baggage counter did ask to inspect my bag(my backpack again) before getting on the elevator.

As we got on the the upper floor of the building, we entered what seemed like a library. The area was divided into two, near the entrance of the floor were students quietly studying their lessons and after the wooden divider was a group of what seemed like Russian students because of their milky complexion and their semi-blonde hair. I think they were highschool students. It was a big class and to my estimate, there were around sixty of them all seated around several long wooden desks, each of them holding a rifle, and familiarizing themselves with the parts of the rifle and the proper handling skills.

Their instructor was a plomp guy whose countenance resembled that of Dumbledoor. He was busy and intensely teaching the students the importance of war and how necessary it is to be violent for survival while telling them to look at the big TV set or what might have been a projector.

My eyes were fastened at the class that I forgot Korina had been calling me to enter her booth. "You know, I really wanted you to appear on primetime news because you deserve to be there than the current news anchor at that time slot." "Too bad I had to follow the directive of the executives here," she said. "There are already plans for me going back to the primetime slot and you should just wait," she added.

I couldn't just resist looking at the big TV set outside the booth as Korina started explaining the basics of the console. I was immersed into a scene by the seaside, where three Russian teens were snowballing so hard that each of them had bloody faces. The instructor of the Violence Class kept reminding his students to emulate such acts. In a wink of an eye, I was totally immersed as I was on the boob tube.

I was spying the three teens hurling balled wads of snow onto each other under a vague kind of tree. I moved my eyes upward and I saw another Russian teen in the tree with a giant sling shot aiming at the other three down there. He was half naked, without any underwear as I could see his shrunk dick between his balls. I tried to squeeze myself under the tree because of fear that he might just make me his target. When I looked at the three teens again by the seaside, they were all dead piled up onto each other, the blood stains all over their bodies and the snow made the scene so gory.

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