500-peso shoes

Lately, I just realized that most of my dreams take place in my hometown. Perhaps this has something to do with the longing I have in my heart to see my family and friends whom I haven't seen for a long time.

My mom wants me and my older brother to buy her some burgers. On our way to town, I see a cousin who also happens to be a neighbor and another female neighbor. They invite us to go gambling so, we go to a mall and play bingo game.

After a while, my female friend's husband comes and invites me to look for a job. (When I was in my hometown, I would always be in the company of this couple who were obviously addicted to playing bingo in the malls as well.)

We decide to drop by a fastfood chain before job hunting. I see him ordering his meal and his plate ready on the table. I ask him where mine is but he ignores me. I start to freak out and I see myself in tantrums.(weird)

The dream takes a spin as I suddenly see myself at home watching TV in the living room. My younger brother arrives home. He tells me he had to spend the night at a friend's house and tells me to buy him a 500-peso worth of shoes.

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The Flying Babies

Back in my hometown, I see myself running to be in time to get aboard the last jeepney trip to town. I arrive at the waiting shed on the road. I don't see a jeepney, instead I see more than ten seats scattered on the ground. The seats are all over the interior of the shed. Their semblance is between a jeepney driver's seat and a lover's chair or a sofa.

The seats are already occupied. I see the familiar faces of neighbors and their eyes are all turned to my direction at my arrival. There is one vacant seat at the end of the shed. I hurry and take my spot but a guy in his 30's scuffle and pushes me off the chair. I would have complained but I hear what seems to be the driver's voice.

"You'd better split the chair so we can take off," he said. "By the way the chairs are contaminated with germs and viruses, just sit well and be steady. Don't let your hands wander onto the chair's surface." He added.

I really don't see the jeepney, I know we are inside the waiting shed but my mind wants me to believe I am indeed on the jeepney taking off. After a while, when I look at the person seated beside me, he turns into one of my married female cousins. My cousin is with her baby. Instantly, I become the driver.

We are speeding up. I am driving the jeepney as if I am in a race. My cousin and her baby hang on for dear life. It's amazing that I don't collide with other vehicles on the road. The jeepneys towards our directions look so small. I feel I am into virtual driving. The jeepneys opposite our direction appear as if I am seeing them on a computer screen. I seem to easily keep away from them. Later, as I look at my left, I see my aunt driving a pedicab, and my!!! she is also with her baby. She is driving the pedicab with the baby as her handle bar. She looks at me with the inkling that we compete for speed.

Then, I look at my steering wheel and manage to drive faster. A few seconds later, my cousin's baby turns into my steering wheel. I continue my driving, steering the baby through the bib on his neck. Later, we start to soar.

We are now flying as I see the vehicles under. My aunt is inching closer flying with the pedicab and her baby serving as the handle bar. My cousin's baby infront of me keeps being swayed in the air but he is ok. I tell him to operate well so we could win the race. We struggle to reach downtown. There are instances we plunge down on the road, get stuck, and manage to float again in the air to reach our destination.

At last, the race is over. I win the race. I ask my cousin's baby to relax as I offer him some beverage but he refuses.

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Don't Read When Eating

At the frontyard of the house, I see myself seated before the computer monitor. It looks like a daily scene at my office where I spend most of the time straining my eyes from the screen's radiation.

It is the old look of our house and its surroundings many years ago. The rustling of the bamboo leaves around seems nostalgic as I enjoy myself playing some online games. The games don't seem to ring a bell. I can hardly recall them but I know I see some dogs barking on the screen and I keep moving my mouse to keep up with its pace.

Suddenly, I look around and I see my dad's dogs barking out loud. Nanosecond after, my mom comes out and she is crying. She tells me my older brother has been missing for more than three months and no one knows his whereabouts. I tell my mom to calm down. I turn back to my computer and start my virtual search to trace him. I start surfing the net and remember sending e-mails to all my msn, gmail and yahoo contacts. It's funny but I remember posting a discussion on blogcatalog about my brother's lost. Realizing I can't find my brother, I succumb infront of the computer and howl like a werewolf. The computer turns into a pillow.

When I get up, I see people have started surrounding me. They might have been drawn by my terrible crying. Two of them really look familiar and just beside them is my older brother. I give him a hug and we talk. Right infront of me, the pillow turns back into a computer again, then into a TV set, and we start talking about our favorite movies.

After sometime, I feel like taking a shit. (Another disgusting scene in my dream, I just dreamt of it a more than a week ago.) This time it's more of a scene in the mountains where I go to an inconspicuous place under the wide trellis covered with chayotes of my neighbor's backyard. I even see myself shoveling the waste after. Yuck!

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The Pageant

There's a huge crowd and I am at a pageant. Am wearing a silky flashy red slit gown and standing on a stage. I just had my catwalk. There is a sloped platform and the contestants have to slide down on their high heels. I see two other guys who surely look gays wearing the same kind of gown I have. They are also sparkling red and they have high heels as well.

As I watch the last contestant do his catwalk, he suddenly transforms in to a woman and an emcee of the event. Yes she becomes the host of the pageant. We are like in a huge gymnasium or might be a stadium. As she starts speaking to let me do another catwalk, I see the people's excited looks waiting for my turn to enter the stage. While waiting, i keep thinking of what to say. I can here the drums rolling and the intensity of the contest.

Microdream 1: I dreamt of Roel-a childhood friend the other night and he appears again in my dream. I am looking for a store to buy something and he leads me to the right store. When I take out my money to pay for the item, I pull out my teeth out of my pocket instead. I become curious so i check my teeth inside my mouth. They all start pulling out.

Microdream2: At a restaurant, I see a comedy actress in the Philippines, she is in a hurry. She makes a phone call and talks to her friend to pick her up. She wears a striped black gown. Her friend arrives with a pick up car. The actress comes out and grabs the bumper of the car. She thrusts her booty onto the bumper and tells her friend to move. The car backs up and she follows. She hangs on for dear life.

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Tennis and Noodles

I am at the base of a three-storey apartment building in a particular place. Amazingly, I can see what is on the topmost-the rooftop. I get curious that I inch closer to the sight. I see lots of Koreans. I figure that it must be a Korean compound. I start to see all my students back in Baguio. They seem to be having some kind of a celebration or a party. The place is in total chaos. When I get inside the only three storey house in the compound, a metaphorically old student of mine takes me to the rooftop and invites me to play table tennis with him.

At the rooftop, I am wowed to see hundreds of tables and a lot of Koreans zealously playing table tennis. The area is really huge. Overlooking, I can see a huge canopy of black fishnets. My student and I wait for our turn and I become tedious, I feel bored watching the two players in their highly intense game. The ball just keeps on moving to and fro right in front of my eyes. I sit down for a while.

Then my student tugs me and tells me that we start the game. When I look up, the two players playing earlier are gone. We play the game and the table where we are at seems longer than the usual size of an actual table for the game. We start the game and all of a sudden the table disappears. We continue the game and the ball keeps bouncing on the ground covered with gravels. Playing the game now seems more difficult. The net is also on the ground.

I get disappointed that my student cuts the game. He says that he is leaving for Korea. The scene suddenly changes and I see all my Korean students carrying their luggage. We are now at the airport. I see some of them ascending the stairs aboard the plane. I follow inside and say my goodbyes. On my way out, some students follow me and leave their bags, they give me pouches of noodles. Each of them carying the noodles on their crossed arms. I look at the dozens of noodles infront of me and the plane leaves.

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I am at home. I haven't been home after a while. My parents and friends must have missed me. It's Christmas time. I am at the living room trying to enjoy my last night with my family. Looking through the window, the night seems so quiet. I know I haven't taken a shower yet but the cold weather just keeps pushing me away from going to the bathroom for one.

From the sofa where I am seated in, I am visualizing my traveling bag. I see some socks without their right pairs. I quickly turn to my mother who enjoys watching some TV Programs. I see my dad, but what he seems to be doing doesn't appear clear to me.

Then my childhood friends and neighbors surprise me by the window. There are more than ten of them and they disturb the tranquil night. How excited and happy they are to see me. They start singing some Christmas songs. After a while, I take out some money and I realize I have none. I can't give them any so I turn to my mom to ask money. Then, I see a not so close friend who is also one of my crushes in the neighborhood. He is drunken...

He invites me to go out. I decide to leave and hurriedly take my bag in the room. On my way out I figure that there are more people waiting for me on the pathway. All their eyes towards my direction. They all point their fingers at me and they tell me that my mouth is bleeding. I put my right hand in my mouth, look at it and I see blood. When I open my mouth, my left molar just pops out. I even see some of its rotten part. I start getting more conscious so I check my other teeth. Another tooth gets pulled out, and another, and another.

I feel panicky. I feel some teeth slowly chipping off inside my mouth. Some of the neighbors start telling me that the contour of my face and jaw just got elongated. My face turned sunken and flat. I keep more curious so I insert my fingers in my mouth and I feel some sharp shards of glasses protruding on my gums and it just continues bleeding. My teeth continue to break off seconds by seconds.

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It's a strange city that I picture. We must be on top of an island overlooking a beautiful beach. Wow, can you imagine that? A city on top of an island overlooking the sea? I am with my boyfriend as usual and a surprise guest-an aunt who would always love to take me to "Magoos"-a once famous halo-halo place in the Summer Capital of The Philippines. Halo-Halo by the way is sort of a Philippine delicacy famous during summer, it is a mixture of grated ice, milk, sugar, some tropical fruit like jackfruit, bananas; ice cream and whatnots.

While inside a beetle car, I can't seem to find ease looking out the window. It's a long vertiginous road we are going through and the cliff to my right just scares the shit out of me. The car is just a matter of a few inches from the cliff of death. While I keep myself uneasy beside the window to my right, my aunt and boyfriend seem to be enjoying the ride. We are headed for a restaurant downtown and are excited to eat some pizza and halo-halo.

Arriving at the restaurant, I see this waiter clad in red uniform. He offers me two sticks of hotdogs and hands me a 1000-peso bill. I don't quite recall what he wants me to do with the two sticks of hotdogs but after a while he takes one of them back and leaves me with the bill.

Moments later, we leave the restaurant and it's raining. My aunt opens her umbrella, we descend the stairs out of the restaurant, get on the car. Then, the scene shifts to my Aunt's house. I must be very very full, that I see myself seated on their couch holding my tummy. I feel like taking a crap and instantly there's a toilet on the same sofa I am seated on. Without hesitation and not minding the people around, I take a shit there in front of their very eyes. Really disgusting. I look at my waste and the woman seated beside me whom I don't recognize dips her hands in the bowl. Yuck!

My aunt comes to the rescue and leads me to the restroom to wash myself. When we get there, she tells me to wait and stand by the door inside as she prepares the toilet bowl. When I look at the bowl, it turns into a single spring bed with a dilapidated cushion. She starts splashing some water onto it, gets a flatiron and presses the bed. There's a whooshing sound and I look at my aunt with shock.

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Oh, and it was just a dream. How quickly I figured. I thought it was real. I almost killed that guy. The succession of images seemed so real.

Earlier it was a different story...

I am on my way home. I see myself waiting for a jeepney ride as the daylight is fading away. The whole place looks so horrid and the stillness of the apartment buildings behind me suggests the place must have been abandoned. The longer I linger, the more haunting the place becomes. I don't see anyone around. I look again at the queue of dim apartments near by, seeing the windows and the doors open pushed me further into darkness.

No jeepney seems visible. I can't even hear signs of their presence, their roaring engines. I decide to take a walk. I am hopeless. After a few dragging steps, I glance at the apartments on my right and I see a guy on the third floor of one of the apartments with that evil look. He must be younger than I am. The picture of his face is vague, much more vague as it's hued with the darkness.

My heart beats as he keeps his focus on me. Every step I make, he makes his own. The further I go, the more threatening he becomes. I get agitated and think that he wants to kill me. Indeed he does, I see him holding a knife in his right hand. He gives me another satanic look. He is closer now as he is on the second floor of the apartment.

Just in time, a jeepney comes, I get on and as if a magic, I instantly become the driver. I speed up but the guy catches up. He starts wrestling me at the driver's seat but I scuffle and we end up in a vineyard (not of grapes but of chayotes). I see him struggling as I become defensive. I am on top and I ferociously tear him down with several big chayotes in my hand. I continue to pummel him with the vegetables. I feel each chayote slowly crashing him down. I leave him bloody and motionless, though I know he is still alive.

Momentarily, the scene shifts again to a particular place in my hometown. An old friend and I are playing table tennis on the bridge. It's a short bridge and it serves as the table, we are both on the edges and happily hitting pingpong balls which keep turning into balloons intermittently. Whenever we miss the ball, my friend's brother has to go down the creek and get it. We play and play.

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The Funeral Turns Into A Wedding

There are so many people around. Some people seem familiar though most of the people look strange to me. Some are my neighbors and some are my relatives. The atmosphere is covered with melancholy with the sad faces I see. Then, I set my eyes at the white luxurious coffin. There is no mistake that I must be at a funeral parlor.

A familiar neighbor is giving a hug to my aunt. I just realized that it is my aunt who has been weeping so loudly. I don't seem to bother to look at what's inside or who's inside. I know my aunt's hubby had died many years ago. I never heard she remarried. I stay put a few meters away from where the drama is and remain argus-eyed.

The pillars of the parlor look so big that it resembles the interior of a typical Catholic Church. It must be the last day of the funeral. Everybody seems to be waiting for the interment and it is even made clear-cut by the weeping of the majority. Behind me, I see some neighbors whispering to each other and giggling. If I am not mistaken, they are talking about some illicit affair my aunt is into. I just ignore them. I point my eyes to my aunt and she looks younger than her actual looks. She looks whiter than before and she is sporting a short hair which definitely makes her more youthful-looking.

My aunt is now crying at the coffin. Somebody hands her a white foot-long candle and she eagerly rubs it in between her palms. Like she is rolling it in between to make it longer. She lights the candle and places it on top of the coffin. As the coffin bearers lift the coffin out of the church. My aunt who is wearing a black tight shirt leaves. She goes to one corner of the parlor which is now starting to look more like a church. When I look at her again. Her face glows and her clothes have instantly changed to something silky and red.

A few moments later as she approaches me and hands me over a camera. She suddenly transforms into someone else. I see my mom now handing me a camera with an empty battery case. She smiles at me and tells me to go get some battery and take some pictures of the wedding. She goes towards the aisle of the church, I follow her and I see a lot of children dancing on the aisle give her a welcome. The children are clad in silky white clothing. I want to take pictures but my camera has still no batteries.

As my mom starts moving towards the altar, she transforms into my highschool teacher.

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Frog-Like and Silicon Babies

Outside the room looking through the unfinished window of the house next to us, I see two babies so tiny lying on the ground. There are people around just blankly staring at them. They all look unfamiliar. I enter the room and pick them up as they are really small. Upon closer examination, they appear like frogs and their size is of a normal frog's. I know though that they are human babies and not animals. The first baby which I put on my right palm seems healthy and is fast asleep but the other on my right palm seems gasping for breath. He must be at death's door. I can clearly see the intervals of his breathing as I touch his body where his heart is. I get the idea that this baby is made out of silicon, a sort of gummy-thingy.

I get out of the room and go to another house. I tell the people there to take the baby to the hospital. As I head for my house, I suddenly get a picture and a panoramic view of the entire neighborhood. I see the small streets all leading to the basketball court in the village. The whole neighorhood appears to be similar to my neighborhood in Manila though I know it is my neighborhood in my hometown.

Walking further towards home, I meet an old friend. He is Roel. He has been married and I haven't heard from him eversince. He tells me that he has got two kids now and tells the travail of how he bore his third child. I don't seem surprised and it comes so naturally that I actually believe he bore his child. He shows me his private organ, and damn, I see a vagina. He elaborates everything about the pangs of his childbirth.

I leave Roel after a short talk and then I see my older brother and my sister approaching. We meet at a small variety store nearby. My brother takes out several bills of thousand pesos and asks my sister to buy "moropan." I haven't heard of that word before. I don't know if it does exist. When my sister comes back, she gives a box to my brother which looks like a box of a powdered milk.

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