Dorro Inni, A baby's name

I got me thinking again about online casino as we were boarded on a bus en route to work. The dusty road shoving off nano-particles of dust onto our faces through the bus windows didn't veer my sight off eying the online casino on the side of the road. Then, I just realized I had to post a dream which have been marooned in my unpublished posts on blogger.

AJ with his nephew and I are headed for the Casino. We play roulette with tens of faint faces of Casino goers but we don't win. Because of AJ's prodding that we have to leave the place avoiding hooking up more amount, we see ourselves bounding out of the place and realize that the day has turned to gray. The way out of the pavement extending from the entrance of the building is dark and its silence is somewhat scary. Marred with agitation in our facades and the fear growing in me, I turn my back to see who's behind us. I see a suspicious guy wearing a maroon shirt, his eyes fixed on us. He looks belligerent and diabolic with his red eyes blazing in the dark. I panick as I suspect him to want to stab any of us. I see him hiding a knife on his back.

He would have stabbed AJ had I not warned him to run away. Three of us all run for our lives. I feel so bad though that AJ scamper off first and never bothers to care for me and his nephew. I also run as fast as I can, make some pauses, and wait for AJ's nephew. AJ's nephew tumbles his way to escape and I see him transform into a teenage boy.

I also dream of an incident where I see myself and AJ naming three baby girls. They are new born babies though I am not sure whose babies they are. We give the names, "15", "Iri", and "Dorro Inni". AJ's mom tells us though after a witty comprehension that Dorro Inni is the reverse of the word "toilet" in our vernacular.

The Bazooka Chase

At home again and am alone. All the family members have gone out. Later as I am about to leave the house upon closing all the windows, I hear a knock on the door followed by a faint voice of a woman. I open the wooden door and I see a woman in her 40's carrying an empty straw bag and has started reaching for the biggest lemon fruit in the front yard. The sight of her stealing prods me to motion to her and tell her out loud to get only the big and the ripe ones.

She gets mad instead at my condescending request and starts mumbling derogatory expressions. I become repugnant and my face glow with disgust more than it did earlier upon seeing her face almost covered with bulging and festering blotches like she is ill with leprosy. The blotches look fresh and they look like they just popped out. For all I know, they look gross. I start to think that she might have evaded from one of the care homes somewhere and she badly needs to go to a leprosarium. I remember her taking the five biggest lemons in the yard and I kvetch telling her we need them for Christmas. I keep yelling at her but to no avail. I don't know why but I can't even lay my hands on her. Instead, she smugly proceeds to another tree picking more fruit and that turns me more indignant as if there's a smoke coming out of my ears.

I try to follow her with the attempt to quell her injustice but then she turns into a young girl, perhaps a seven-year old girl. What amazes me more is that an old man perhaps in his fifty's comes to her rescue. The man is garbed with a baroque-like costume. With him is the biggest bazooka I have ever seen. He certainly looks belligerent as he approaches me.

I chicken out trying to defend our fruit tree in the yard and I see me scampering off the scene. He, however, manages to pull the trigger off the bazooka and starts aiming at me while I am doing the chicken run. I feel the magnitude of the bazooka's trajectory on my entire body but it isn't enough to destabilize me.

Phew! I wake up alive.

The Jukebox Door

I am at the church with the uneasiness drilling me on to get out of the sacred place. My friend who now works abroad is about to have the best time of his life. He will tie the knot with a woman he met in Taiwan but whose face is an obscurity to me. Disgustingly, I see myself dressed as a farmer, I am a reflection of a scarecrow wearing a buri hat and a pair of slacks rolled up just below my knee. My presence is an infringement of the consecrated structure.

And with my flip-flops on, I decide to sit down onto the pew at the back near the entrance of the church. I am trying to fight the force that has been wanting me to leave and ignore the special moment. I carry a backpack on my back and my ears are plugged with an mp3 player's ear buds.

ear buds. I look at the obfuscated faces mostly women taking pictures. The color pink radiating from their garments is a stand out.

I eventually see myself leaving. I can't see my friend around anymore though I know we were just talking earlier while he was smoothing over his black socks. As I turn my back towards the main door, a fabulously painted cupboard hangs down from the ceiling. It looks huge but I don't see any of its doors open. Instead, I see a small slot like that of a jukebox. A coin is necessary to unlock it.

I am now in trouble with that big pendulum hanging by the door. It literally blocks exit. I know it is easy to bend my way out but I just can't. I start looking for a coin in my pockets but they're empty. I turn towards the altar and my friend is now visible with his obscured wife having some picture taking. He gives me a coin, then I am out of my dreamzzz world.

Swimming Pool

Varicolored cars are lined up as they are aesthetically parked around the resort. They look like toy cars on display catching the attraction of the so many customers trying to ease themselves with a cold swim. The swimming pool is huge and kilometrically stretched around the area like an L-Square.

Myself is seen holding a pool vacuum, uncomfortable, uneasy and my eyes just keep wandering around. I seem to be looking for that high school friend of mine. He is nowhere to be seen so I continue my business.

I can't keep but be amazed at how the resort looks like. The tall palm trees with their fronds happily swaying with the breeze of the wind catch me in awe. The hot and humid air though gives me the feeling that I myself should get a splash. Had it not because been because of my best friend's mom's stern face, I would have had the liberty to plunge in the cool water of the pool.

A few moments later, my best friend's mom call me to water the fringe of plants surrounding the pool. I then get the coiled and long hose in the filter room and when I go back to where I was, the sight of my handsome best friend sends me beaming with joy, delight, and uneasiness. He is still one of my crushes. While watering the plants, my friend and I engage in a relaxing talk about good old days. All of a sudden, her mom screams in disgust. I just realized I have been shooting her with the water down her skirt instead of the plants. I fidget and stay motionless as I watch her slowly transform into a banana tree.

My Two Boyfriends

The swells of the sea seem mesmerizing. I am absorbed in its waves and its swishing sounds drifting me off to old memories.

This dream of mine takes me to a beach resort where I see myself sunk in its white sand. The thatched roof cottages are sporadically located in the area and there are modern houses made of concrete and galvanized iron placing the beach so accessible to my home. It's weird that I live in the mountains 3-hour away from the nearest beach and yet I see my house around the resort. I am enjoying my loneliness watching the billows of the sea when two milky-white skinned foreigners catch my attention. They are half naked and they take me in awe. I earn my guts to talk to the more handsome guy, trying to build some rapport, and something nasty later. Again, the animalistic lust in me gets triggered by the presence of two prospects.

The guy is surprisingly friendly. He tells me his name which my memory can't recall because his face and well-built muscles seem more notable. We take a leisurely walk ashore and around the village.

After some time, I just realize that any moment my boyfriend AJ shall be coming to call me for our lunch date in one of the cottages. I remember the guy telling me he is from Durasian- a country I have never heard before. I ask him if it is somewhere in Europe and he affirms. I feel so happy that even before AJ could arrive, he invites me for a luxurious lunch at his rented hotel room where his friend (the one I saw earlier)has been waiting. I beam in excitement as he holds my hand on our way for some meals. Before anything nasty could happen, I awake in disappointment.

The Invisible Ogre

The covered basketball court takes me to one of its bleachers. I am seated looking at everybody who seems in some euphoria of excitement. The benches surrounding the ground are all filled with spectators, mostly girls. There are quite a few I am familiar with but they don't mind me seeing I am seated with my boyfriend. Two women, each with a cellphone break the silence in my spot. One of them has a moon-shaped face perhaps because of her protruded jaw. The other one has a moonlike surface on her visage.

Having learned from some people around that these women were bestowed some Superpower by the same alien creature who gave Darna (Philippine version of Wonderwoman) the mysterious power stone. I ask them if they used their stones and they say they transformed into the hailed heroine the night before. They start telling me of how they enjoyed the power given to them. They take a seat across from the bench where I am seated and they are added to the countless people busying their fingers with their communication gadgets.

All of a sudden, everybody seems taking pictures everywhere, then to my direction. They apparently are not taking my picture and AJ's so I start to wonder. They tell me they see something through their cp's which their naked eyes can't see. I become grizzled so I stand up. All their cameras are towards my direction. Before I could see the creature they are taking pictures of, I am blown ten feet away from where I have set my foot on.

An ogre, out of nowhere appears before my eyes, with his clenched fist, he lunged a quick blow onto my chest. I feel a thud but there is no pain. I got to my feet and warn AJ to take precautions.

Blog Directory

My eyes take me to a basketball court back in my hometown. I don't see myself playing the game but I see familiar faces of old friends. Everything seems green to me, from the ball, backboard, post, benches and the playground itself. I am sitting like a child motioning my eyes to and fro at the busy dribblers. Beside the court is a close friend's house. This friend of mine finished his college with a major in Psychology but he appears to me in my dream as a physician.

I approach him and tell him I have been recuperating from hepatitis but haven't really gotten over it. (I was told that the disease becomes a part of your system and there's no way of doffing it of yourself.)

He gesticulates that we go to the side of the court though. He wears what seems like a white lab gown with a stethoscope around his neck. He asks me to lie down and he opens my stomach with a pair of scissors. Strange but I don't see any blood out and I don't feel any pain. Moments later, he starts pulling a never ending length of green thread wreathed with green pellet guns. He explains it as the reason I won't ever get over my liver disease.

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Another Nightmare

I felt so absorbed in reading this novel by a certain Janice Kaiser that I went to bed when the roosters in the neighborhood had started crowing. As I sank into unconsciousness, it was raining. With my backpack inside my white and black rain coat, I was trudging my way to school. The flooded pavement towards the entrance plus the puddles on the semi-concrete ground made it feel that my waders were useless, they were wet but I proceeded anyway.

I walked past a plomp girl, Chinese-looking. She was wearing a pink jacket and sporting an artificial blond hair in pony tail. The long queue of students waiting at the entrance for the routine check put me waiting aside taking off my rain coat. Beside me were ROTC officers superciliously looking at the faces scooting in the campus for their respective classes. It was in the morning.

As I readied my bag for the inspection, the girl in pink jacket just cut in. I gave her a dirty look and she realized how rude she was to bypass the queue. She said her apology while I gestured with my hand that was ok. That was all and my eyes opened to a brighter world, I saw my boyfriend sleeping with an old white jersey on. I felt some fingers, a thumb and an index perhaps thrusting their way to my mouth. I couldn’t see whom they belonged to. Next thing, I heard some squeashing sound. The sound of a tooth being rooted out. I started moaning in terror. AJ was right beside me, and slapped me in for the reality. It was a nightmare.

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Lost in a construction site

It was like the Tale of Two Cities. A squatter's area depicting poverty in the city and over the high wall gapping the shanties was an affluent town.

I see myself walking, clad in a pair of shorts less than an inch above the knee,and a pair of flip-flops. I feel so darn hungry and I see myself walking on the street looking for food. The houses to my left and right are big and beautiful. They are adorned with expensive ornaments, metallic tufts surrounding them, glowing white paints, and grecian doors and windows. Extending my eyes to the right side of the road brings me to another level down under. There's another long stretch of a road and I just figure I am on a hill. An ongoing construction of a humongous house invites me to stop. The workers wearing yellow hard hats on the slope of the hill stir the entire village with their drills and pounding hammers.

I continue to walk and when I turn to my right, the scene changes to a crowded sprouts of shanties. I see some familiar faces. They invite me to their dwellings but a peddler vending some fishballs on my way puts me to a stop. I satisfy my eyes but not my stomach. As I look around, I see some mothers doing their own laundry. I sit with them and we engage in gossips.

After some time, I decide to leave and see myself getting his way out of the village. I am back at the construction site where workers I am unfamiliar with keep shouting at me. I panic and try to leave the place quickly but the pair of my slippers gets stuck at the slabs of wood and planks of metal lying on the ground. I manage to get out but I don't find one of my slippers.

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The Bandit

"Aaargh, aaargh" I heard myself scream early in the morning today. It was a nightmare, obviously and it was a lucky one for me, I managed to grope for consciousness before anything worse could have happened.

The place was dark. The shrubs and bushes protruding side by side each other on the dim ground gave the place a labyrinthine look. I knew I was looking for the key to our office here in Manila but it was weird because I was at home. I ended up stumbling upon a dismantled and rusty sink and I ended up drinking the liquid in it, I felt sated not minding whether it was clean water or not.

The mindset I had and the awareness of the lost key, wanted to me to continue, though apparently I kept hitting those swinging coffee trees and I kept being hurled to and fro. My dizziness put myself sitting on the ground leaning on one of the robust bushes. Then I heard a flurry from a nearby distance. I heard multiple footsteps scurrying towards my location. I turned around and I saw my cousins, my sister, and my brothers. My exhaustion vanished and my face glared. I just realized then that I was at the backyard of our house.

I was very excited to enter the house with the thought that a nice rest was awaiting me inside. I didn't wait for my relatives and siblings to get closer before I tried to break in. I left them behind just a few meters from the house's entrance. When I turned to my right a few steps towards the door, a skinny, half-masked guy from below his eyes, came storming out of the house and he just scared the shit out of me. He looked like a bandit and he met me at gunpoint. I kept screaming.

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An Act of Lasciviousness

I don't know what's up to him now. I haven't seen him for a long time. The last contact we had was almost two years ago. That was the time I turned him down borrowing money from me for the greener pasture his wife dreamt of having abroad.

Then, he joined me in one of my REM's last night. After playing basketball, we boarded a small side-car which is of course uncommon in my hometown. While on the trike, I felt a mixture of excitement having no idea of where we were headed for. My friend was behind me and sitting beside me was a foreigner who echoed an Arabian decent. He was well-built, wearing a sleeveless, checked polo shirt.

I felt some blood rush through my spine as I looked at him. He was damn gorgeous but I was earlier warned by the thought of staying quiet, avoiding that that wrong move could leave me smacked on the face. As we were about to get off the trike, this guy seated to my left just started showing some an act of lasciviousness by hornily stroking my left arm. I felt aroused but I didn't want to see myself embarrassed in front of a friend who has shown respect and looked up to me all these years. I had to feign the sensual pleasure I felt. My unfavorable reaction stirred my friend behind. Once we were all unloaded he started kicking the other guy's ass while trying to catch a speeding bus on the highway.

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Casino Treat

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I go home and I see my boyfriend bitten by a dog on his head. He lose his consciousness on the spot and I take him home. At home my parents are sleeping and snoring and I try my best to wake them up but they don't seem to respond. I really need help to take my boyfriend to the hospital. I don't have a cellphone to contact anybody and my parents are my only hope. I scream and cry at the top of my lungs and ask for help but to no avail. I wake up from this nightmare.

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I got lost
I got found
I got lost and got crashed
Got squashed under a heavy truck
Got lost again...
Awoke, and found myself...

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Eating Out Under The Rain

Back in my hometown, I am at a compound where my Filipina boss lives. It is a surprise that she already owns three different houses, each beautiful in its own. I used to be under her supervision while working for a Korean school in the city but that was three years ago. Am I back in the school where I once worked? Maybe, in my dream. (LOL)
She gives me a very warm accommodation as she lets me enjoy a night rest in one of the houses. She hands me over the key to the house. The next day, her daughter comes telling me we are eating out. It's her mom's treat. I take a shower, look at myself in the mirror, put the house in order, and I leave.

Arriving at the gate of the compound, I remember I just left the key inside the house. I tell my boss' daughter who's now inside a pajero car how sorry I am for being forgetful. I must be in a hurry on my way out and I just tell her to get it herself knowing that she and her boyfriend are headed for the same place anyway to get something.

As I exit the gate, I see AJ's dad buying some Chinese noodles from a vendor on the street. He doesn't see me and so I just ignore him now that all of a sudden my younger sister appeared by my side. We are both agitated, expecting some special event. It's almost raining as the drizzle starts tattooing the ground.

A few moments later, my older brother arrives with his two horses and he gives both of us a ride. AJ's dad turns into my own dad and we eat at a concrete table in an open area with the Chinese noodles packed in several styro's. It's raining.

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The Aquarium House

This is also one of my recurrent dreams where I often see my self carrying a backpack.

The presence of my expectant dad and hopeful younger brother greet me on my arrival. They thought I'd be coming home with my mom. My dad asks me the whereabouts of my mom and I tell him I am plain clueless where she is.

Looks like they had been waiting for her as they tell me she has been missing for months. The ambiance at home is sullen. I see my dad and brother inside what seems like a constructed water reservoir or a concrete water tank. The interior has the verisimilitude of a cave. My dad and younger brother have been working on meters and meters of flexible pbc pipes. Water gushing out from each of the intertwined pipes which are connected to our house just above the cave-like structure.

Before finally getting inside the house, I sit down with my dad while putting my backpack on my lap. We start talking about the water supply in the village and he tells me that the price of water there has skyrocketed at 10 cents per bucket. I tell him it's nonsense and we start comparing the prices. I argue that a drum of water only costs 20 cents and ask why the hell they have to settle for buckets. I add that 5 cents is pretty expensive for a bucket and the simple talk turns into an argument. I manage to leave immediately and avoid igniting the argument.

The inside of the house is submerged in water. Gives me the idea that I am a fish swimming his way in and out of my room. I unpack and proceed to my parents' room to double check my mom. I see her clothes lying in bed but she is still nowhere to be found. As I swim out of the room, I see two giant janitor fishes as big as the normal size of sharks. They are inside the bed's mosquito net and they get agitated. One of them manages to bite my right leg and I scream. My brother whom I saw earlier comes to the rescue.

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It's raining snakes

It's been two days in a row and I think I just had a recurrent dream. And the snakes? Yes, I saw snakes for the nth time in my sleep.

Bart, a physically disadvantaged classmate of mine in my elementary years is standing towards the principal's office wearing a khaki pair of pants and a thin white shirt. I see him holding an envelope while waiting for something. I rush to him and tell him I dropped out of college because of some financial straits. He surprises me by mentioning that he already works as a professor at a the college where I see myself working on my acceleration program.

I know I am at a certain college though the looks of the school reminds me of my elementary school in my hometown.

Bart, knowing my purpose gesticulates that I should go inside the principal's office to process the documents for my procuring a college degree. Once I get inside, the scene changes into a wide trellis of chayote, its ground is as soft as a marshmallow that I see my feet sinking in as the seconds tick away. I manage to get out of the framework above me but upon stepping out, piles of snake start falling from the sky and I freak out.

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Smoking Out

The classroom setting is not a very unusual location where I see myself anxiously sitting on a chair. I am back in college with some Korean classmates. I remember writing something on a white sheet of paper and my teacher whose face I don't recall tells me I got some failing grades due to my recurrent tardiness.

The teacher gets out of the class and while waiting, I am urged to go out too, and look for some cancer sticks.

A younger Korean classmate joins me in to assuage our smoking addiction. We stealthily leave the class and climb the stairs leading to what seems a long, narrow stretch of a road. On the sides are congestion of shanties plastered side by side each other.

We are amazed at an ongoing kite flying festival where I see my old (Korean students in the past) showing their inept ability of creating fabulous kites and a magnificent show (this never happened in the actual though). We look at the horizon oblivious to our smoking urge and see how tens of kites form floral patterns on the sky. The kites look like skydivers managing to form themselves in different patterns in the cobalt sky.

As the kites start getting intertwined and entangled in the sky, the Korean classmate and I leave the place while we see lots of onlookers clapping loudly in awe.

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I should dream on

I just have so neglected this little site of mine that I haven't posted in a long time. My apology to those who expect new postings are visible.

Yesterday morning, after installing the firefox toolbar, I was delighted to notice that my site, The Native Sentimental Maniac has finally been given a pagerank. It was pageranked 2, finally, after more than four months of waiting and wondering. I couldn't believe my eyes. It's the site where I spend most of my time posting about what's going on in my life, and where I habitually interact with fellow bloggers and staunch readers.

My curiosity drove me then to also check the PR for this site and it came to my surprise and extreme happiness that it's given a PR of 3.

It was unexpected and it paved the way for me to get out of the doldrums in a while and should start sharing with you some of my most strange dreams. Thanks a lot and I hope you continue to come.

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I am so groggy, I am not sure if I am drunk or just plain dizzy. My world seems to be upside down. I see myself making his way out of the office holding a laptop and some big bags of chips in my arms. I don't know why I have the guts walking around with the laptop and the chips preoccupying my hands while I am half naked, wearing just a shirt-no pants, no underwear. It is unclear in my mind where I am headed for. I just feel so damn tired that I think I am looking for a place where I can lie down and rest.

Then, I arrive at a certain place which turns out later as my younger brother's boarding house. The bed looks so comfy, covered with white bedsheet so inviting that I scoot in right away. The laptop and the chips still lay rested on my tummy. I feel motionless, I want to move but I can't. The only consolation is my head which I can turn left and right. My eyes are fixed at the door to my left which resembles a coffin because of the small window attached onto it.

I try my best to wake up. I think I am having the weather combined with some physical malaise I'm dealing with. I just feel so lethargic. Suddenly, I hear my younger brother's voice. He tells me how happy he is to see me in his boarding house. His boarding house is located in a remote area which was ones a river. He punnily mentions that his place turns into a water reservoir every time there is heavy rain. In so saying, I finally manage to get out of bed and sit on my hamstring near the doorway of his shelter. I see that he has other visitors. They all look strange to me though. They have been talking for a while.

When I look outside the door, I just realize that it is raining, the denuded mountains nearby, show muds rolling down from it's slope. The water from the mountains are gathered at the base where a riprapped portion instantly created a pool. Then the scene horrifies me, I see strange creatures. They look so awfully scary.

The creatures are not just mermaids but gay mermaids frantically swimming and having a good time in the muddy pool. Other than mermaids, there are also eel-like human beings, proudly swishing their tail-like lower limbs back and forth and shooting forth their upper limbs from the pool. I start to shiver but the unfamiliar person in front of me gives me the assurance that those swimming creatures are harmless and their existence in the community is normal.

While he continues to talk, I freak more intensely this time that two gay mermaids unexpectedly show up just behind him by the window. Their faces are bony, translucent in blue neon colors. They have big eyes and they resemble the typical looks of aliens. They surely give me a daunting gaze but disappear short after.

My curiosity leads me to ask my younger brother to give me a tour of the place. I am still horrified. We follow the route from his boarding house to the nearest market and jeepney station. I don't see the mermaids now but I see and hear a lot of people talking about them. All the people say those mermaids have been a part of the community and they are harmless creatures.

As my brother and I decide to turn our back back to his house, two gay mermaids suddenly emerge and run after us. We run for our lives and see my brother shot with a plastic tube launcher by one of the mermaids. I stop and try to help my brother. I scream and I wake up.

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500-peso shoes

Lately, I just realized that most of my dreams take place in my hometown. Perhaps this has something to do with the longing I have in my heart to see my family and friends whom I haven't seen for a long time.

My mom wants me and my older brother to buy her some burgers. On our way to town, I see a cousin who also happens to be a neighbor and another female neighbor. They invite us to go gambling so, we go to a mall and play bingo game.

After a while, my female friend's husband comes and invites me to look for a job. (When I was in my hometown, I would always be in the company of this couple who were obviously addicted to playing bingo in the malls as well.)

We decide to drop by a fastfood chain before job hunting. I see him ordering his meal and his plate ready on the table. I ask him where mine is but he ignores me. I start to freak out and I see myself in tantrums.(weird)

The dream takes a spin as I suddenly see myself at home watching TV in the living room. My younger brother arrives home. He tells me he had to spend the night at a friend's house and tells me to buy him a 500-peso worth of shoes.

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The Flying Babies

Back in my hometown, I see myself running to be in time to get aboard the last jeepney trip to town. I arrive at the waiting shed on the road. I don't see a jeepney, instead I see more than ten seats scattered on the ground. The seats are all over the interior of the shed. Their semblance is between a jeepney driver's seat and a lover's chair or a sofa.

The seats are already occupied. I see the familiar faces of neighbors and their eyes are all turned to my direction at my arrival. There is one vacant seat at the end of the shed. I hurry and take my spot but a guy in his 30's scuffle and pushes me off the chair. I would have complained but I hear what seems to be the driver's voice.

"You'd better split the chair so we can take off," he said. "By the way the chairs are contaminated with germs and viruses, just sit well and be steady. Don't let your hands wander onto the chair's surface." He added.

I really don't see the jeepney, I know we are inside the waiting shed but my mind wants me to believe I am indeed on the jeepney taking off. After a while, when I look at the person seated beside me, he turns into one of my married female cousins. My cousin is with her baby. Instantly, I become the driver.

We are speeding up. I am driving the jeepney as if I am in a race. My cousin and her baby hang on for dear life. It's amazing that I don't collide with other vehicles on the road. The jeepneys towards our directions look so small. I feel I am into virtual driving. The jeepneys opposite our direction appear as if I am seeing them on a computer screen. I seem to easily keep away from them. Later, as I look at my left, I see my aunt driving a pedicab, and my!!! she is also with her baby. She is driving the pedicab with the baby as her handle bar. She looks at me with the inkling that we compete for speed.

Then, I look at my steering wheel and manage to drive faster. A few seconds later, my cousin's baby turns into my steering wheel. I continue my driving, steering the baby through the bib on his neck. Later, we start to soar.

We are now flying as I see the vehicles under. My aunt is inching closer flying with the pedicab and her baby serving as the handle bar. My cousin's baby infront of me keeps being swayed in the air but he is ok. I tell him to operate well so we could win the race. We struggle to reach downtown. There are instances we plunge down on the road, get stuck, and manage to float again in the air to reach our destination.

At last, the race is over. I win the race. I ask my cousin's baby to relax as I offer him some beverage but he refuses.

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Don't Read When Eating

At the frontyard of the house, I see myself seated before the computer monitor. It looks like a daily scene at my office where I spend most of the time straining my eyes from the screen's radiation.

It is the old look of our house and its surroundings many years ago. The rustling of the bamboo leaves around seems nostalgic as I enjoy myself playing some online games. The games don't seem to ring a bell. I can hardly recall them but I know I see some dogs barking on the screen and I keep moving my mouse to keep up with its pace.

Suddenly, I look around and I see my dad's dogs barking out loud. Nanosecond after, my mom comes out and she is crying. She tells me my older brother has been missing for more than three months and no one knows his whereabouts. I tell my mom to calm down. I turn back to my computer and start my virtual search to trace him. I start surfing the net and remember sending e-mails to all my msn, gmail and yahoo contacts. It's funny but I remember posting a discussion on blogcatalog about my brother's lost. Realizing I can't find my brother, I succumb infront of the computer and howl like a werewolf. The computer turns into a pillow.

When I get up, I see people have started surrounding me. They might have been drawn by my terrible crying. Two of them really look familiar and just beside them is my older brother. I give him a hug and we talk. Right infront of me, the pillow turns back into a computer again, then into a TV set, and we start talking about our favorite movies.

After sometime, I feel like taking a shit. (Another disgusting scene in my dream, I just dreamt of it a more than a week ago.) This time it's more of a scene in the mountains where I go to an inconspicuous place under the wide trellis covered with chayotes of my neighbor's backyard. I even see myself shoveling the waste after. Yuck!

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The Pageant

There's a huge crowd and I am at a pageant. Am wearing a silky flashy red slit gown and standing on a stage. I just had my catwalk. There is a sloped platform and the contestants have to slide down on their high heels. I see two other guys who surely look gays wearing the same kind of gown I have. They are also sparkling red and they have high heels as well.

As I watch the last contestant do his catwalk, he suddenly transforms in to a woman and an emcee of the event. Yes she becomes the host of the pageant. We are like in a huge gymnasium or might be a stadium. As she starts speaking to let me do another catwalk, I see the people's excited looks waiting for my turn to enter the stage. While waiting, i keep thinking of what to say. I can here the drums rolling and the intensity of the contest.

Microdream 1: I dreamt of Roel-a childhood friend the other night and he appears again in my dream. I am looking for a store to buy something and he leads me to the right store. When I take out my money to pay for the item, I pull out my teeth out of my pocket instead. I become curious so i check my teeth inside my mouth. They all start pulling out.

Microdream2: At a restaurant, I see a comedy actress in the Philippines, she is in a hurry. She makes a phone call and talks to her friend to pick her up. She wears a striped black gown. Her friend arrives with a pick up car. The actress comes out and grabs the bumper of the car. She thrusts her booty onto the bumper and tells her friend to move. The car backs up and she follows. She hangs on for dear life.

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Tennis and Noodles

I am at the base of a three-storey apartment building in a particular place. Amazingly, I can see what is on the topmost-the rooftop. I get curious that I inch closer to the sight. I see lots of Koreans. I figure that it must be a Korean compound. I start to see all my students back in Baguio. They seem to be having some kind of a celebration or a party. The place is in total chaos. When I get inside the only three storey house in the compound, a metaphorically old student of mine takes me to the rooftop and invites me to play table tennis with him.

At the rooftop, I am wowed to see hundreds of tables and a lot of Koreans zealously playing table tennis. The area is really huge. Overlooking, I can see a huge canopy of black fishnets. My student and I wait for our turn and I become tedious, I feel bored watching the two players in their highly intense game. The ball just keeps on moving to and fro right in front of my eyes. I sit down for a while.

Then my student tugs me and tells me that we start the game. When I look up, the two players playing earlier are gone. We play the game and the table where we are at seems longer than the usual size of an actual table for the game. We start the game and all of a sudden the table disappears. We continue the game and the ball keeps bouncing on the ground covered with gravels. Playing the game now seems more difficult. The net is also on the ground.

I get disappointed that my student cuts the game. He says that he is leaving for Korea. The scene suddenly changes and I see all my Korean students carrying their luggage. We are now at the airport. I see some of them ascending the stairs aboard the plane. I follow inside and say my goodbyes. On my way out, some students follow me and leave their bags, they give me pouches of noodles. Each of them carying the noodles on their crossed arms. I look at the dozens of noodles infront of me and the plane leaves.

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I am at home. I haven't been home after a while. My parents and friends must have missed me. It's Christmas time. I am at the living room trying to enjoy my last night with my family. Looking through the window, the night seems so quiet. I know I haven't taken a shower yet but the cold weather just keeps pushing me away from going to the bathroom for one.

From the sofa where I am seated in, I am visualizing my traveling bag. I see some socks without their right pairs. I quickly turn to my mother who enjoys watching some TV Programs. I see my dad, but what he seems to be doing doesn't appear clear to me.

Then my childhood friends and neighbors surprise me by the window. There are more than ten of them and they disturb the tranquil night. How excited and happy they are to see me. They start singing some Christmas songs. After a while, I take out some money and I realize I have none. I can't give them any so I turn to my mom to ask money. Then, I see a not so close friend who is also one of my crushes in the neighborhood. He is drunken...

He invites me to go out. I decide to leave and hurriedly take my bag in the room. On my way out I figure that there are more people waiting for me on the pathway. All their eyes towards my direction. They all point their fingers at me and they tell me that my mouth is bleeding. I put my right hand in my mouth, look at it and I see blood. When I open my mouth, my left molar just pops out. I even see some of its rotten part. I start getting more conscious so I check my other teeth. Another tooth gets pulled out, and another, and another.

I feel panicky. I feel some teeth slowly chipping off inside my mouth. Some of the neighbors start telling me that the contour of my face and jaw just got elongated. My face turned sunken and flat. I keep more curious so I insert my fingers in my mouth and I feel some sharp shards of glasses protruding on my gums and it just continues bleeding. My teeth continue to break off seconds by seconds.

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It's a strange city that I picture. We must be on top of an island overlooking a beautiful beach. Wow, can you imagine that? A city on top of an island overlooking the sea? I am with my boyfriend as usual and a surprise guest-an aunt who would always love to take me to "Magoos"-a once famous halo-halo place in the Summer Capital of The Philippines. Halo-Halo by the way is sort of a Philippine delicacy famous during summer, it is a mixture of grated ice, milk, sugar, some tropical fruit like jackfruit, bananas; ice cream and whatnots.

While inside a beetle car, I can't seem to find ease looking out the window. It's a long vertiginous road we are going through and the cliff to my right just scares the shit out of me. The car is just a matter of a few inches from the cliff of death. While I keep myself uneasy beside the window to my right, my aunt and boyfriend seem to be enjoying the ride. We are headed for a restaurant downtown and are excited to eat some pizza and halo-halo.

Arriving at the restaurant, I see this waiter clad in red uniform. He offers me two sticks of hotdogs and hands me a 1000-peso bill. I don't quite recall what he wants me to do with the two sticks of hotdogs but after a while he takes one of them back and leaves me with the bill.

Moments later, we leave the restaurant and it's raining. My aunt opens her umbrella, we descend the stairs out of the restaurant, get on the car. Then, the scene shifts to my Aunt's house. I must be very very full, that I see myself seated on their couch holding my tummy. I feel like taking a crap and instantly there's a toilet on the same sofa I am seated on. Without hesitation and not minding the people around, I take a shit there in front of their very eyes. Really disgusting. I look at my waste and the woman seated beside me whom I don't recognize dips her hands in the bowl. Yuck!

My aunt comes to the rescue and leads me to the restroom to wash myself. When we get there, she tells me to wait and stand by the door inside as she prepares the toilet bowl. When I look at the bowl, it turns into a single spring bed with a dilapidated cushion. She starts splashing some water onto it, gets a flatiron and presses the bed. There's a whooshing sound and I look at my aunt with shock.

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Oh, and it was just a dream. How quickly I figured. I thought it was real. I almost killed that guy. The succession of images seemed so real.

Earlier it was a different story...

I am on my way home. I see myself waiting for a jeepney ride as the daylight is fading away. The whole place looks so horrid and the stillness of the apartment buildings behind me suggests the place must have been abandoned. The longer I linger, the more haunting the place becomes. I don't see anyone around. I look again at the queue of dim apartments near by, seeing the windows and the doors open pushed me further into darkness.

No jeepney seems visible. I can't even hear signs of their presence, their roaring engines. I decide to take a walk. I am hopeless. After a few dragging steps, I glance at the apartments on my right and I see a guy on the third floor of one of the apartments with that evil look. He must be younger than I am. The picture of his face is vague, much more vague as it's hued with the darkness.

My heart beats as he keeps his focus on me. Every step I make, he makes his own. The further I go, the more threatening he becomes. I get agitated and think that he wants to kill me. Indeed he does, I see him holding a knife in his right hand. He gives me another satanic look. He is closer now as he is on the second floor of the apartment.

Just in time, a jeepney comes, I get on and as if a magic, I instantly become the driver. I speed up but the guy catches up. He starts wrestling me at the driver's seat but I scuffle and we end up in a vineyard (not of grapes but of chayotes). I see him struggling as I become defensive. I am on top and I ferociously tear him down with several big chayotes in my hand. I continue to pummel him with the vegetables. I feel each chayote slowly crashing him down. I leave him bloody and motionless, though I know he is still alive.

Momentarily, the scene shifts again to a particular place in my hometown. An old friend and I are playing table tennis on the bridge. It's a short bridge and it serves as the table, we are both on the edges and happily hitting pingpong balls which keep turning into balloons intermittently. Whenever we miss the ball, my friend's brother has to go down the creek and get it. We play and play.

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The Funeral Turns Into A Wedding

There are so many people around. Some people seem familiar though most of the people look strange to me. Some are my neighbors and some are my relatives. The atmosphere is covered with melancholy with the sad faces I see. Then, I set my eyes at the white luxurious coffin. There is no mistake that I must be at a funeral parlor.

A familiar neighbor is giving a hug to my aunt. I just realized that it is my aunt who has been weeping so loudly. I don't seem to bother to look at what's inside or who's inside. I know my aunt's hubby had died many years ago. I never heard she remarried. I stay put a few meters away from where the drama is and remain argus-eyed.

The pillars of the parlor look so big that it resembles the interior of a typical Catholic Church. It must be the last day of the funeral. Everybody seems to be waiting for the interment and it is even made clear-cut by the weeping of the majority. Behind me, I see some neighbors whispering to each other and giggling. If I am not mistaken, they are talking about some illicit affair my aunt is into. I just ignore them. I point my eyes to my aunt and she looks younger than her actual looks. She looks whiter than before and she is sporting a short hair which definitely makes her more youthful-looking.

My aunt is now crying at the coffin. Somebody hands her a white foot-long candle and she eagerly rubs it in between her palms. Like she is rolling it in between to make it longer. She lights the candle and places it on top of the coffin. As the coffin bearers lift the coffin out of the church. My aunt who is wearing a black tight shirt leaves. She goes to one corner of the parlor which is now starting to look more like a church. When I look at her again. Her face glows and her clothes have instantly changed to something silky and red.

A few moments later as she approaches me and hands me over a camera. She suddenly transforms into someone else. I see my mom now handing me a camera with an empty battery case. She smiles at me and tells me to go get some battery and take some pictures of the wedding. She goes towards the aisle of the church, I follow her and I see a lot of children dancing on the aisle give her a welcome. The children are clad in silky white clothing. I want to take pictures but my camera has still no batteries.

As my mom starts moving towards the altar, she transforms into my highschool teacher.

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Frog-Like and Silicon Babies

Outside the room looking through the unfinished window of the house next to us, I see two babies so tiny lying on the ground. There are people around just blankly staring at them. They all look unfamiliar. I enter the room and pick them up as they are really small. Upon closer examination, they appear like frogs and their size is of a normal frog's. I know though that they are human babies and not animals. The first baby which I put on my right palm seems healthy and is fast asleep but the other on my right palm seems gasping for breath. He must be at death's door. I can clearly see the intervals of his breathing as I touch his body where his heart is. I get the idea that this baby is made out of silicon, a sort of gummy-thingy.

I get out of the room and go to another house. I tell the people there to take the baby to the hospital. As I head for my house, I suddenly get a picture and a panoramic view of the entire neighborhood. I see the small streets all leading to the basketball court in the village. The whole neighorhood appears to be similar to my neighborhood in Manila though I know it is my neighborhood in my hometown.

Walking further towards home, I meet an old friend. He is Roel. He has been married and I haven't heard from him eversince. He tells me that he has got two kids now and tells the travail of how he bore his third child. I don't seem surprised and it comes so naturally that I actually believe he bore his child. He shows me his private organ, and damn, I see a vagina. He elaborates everything about the pangs of his childbirth.

I leave Roel after a short talk and then I see my older brother and my sister approaching. We meet at a small variety store nearby. My brother takes out several bills of thousand pesos and asks my sister to buy "moropan." I haven't heard of that word before. I don't know if it does exist. When my sister comes back, she gives a box to my brother which looks like a box of a powdered milk.

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A Public Hearing On The Roadside

On an elevated riprap which seems like a fjord, I see a black female commercial model doing a catwalk. She wears a golden skirt that well matches her complexion and her kinky hair fashioned like a haywire. On her top is a tight black spaghetti tube. She looks so confident with her wide smile.

After a few seconds, three black men with jungle outfits emerge from somewhere. They hold what seems like a customized and elongated stage that perfectly fits the narrow width of the fjord. The stage is pillared with three huge poles of bamboos. Their diameter is similar to that of a normal pine tree trunk. Each pole measures around more than thirty feet. Each of the African-looking men stunningly carries the huge poles and they move the stage so facilely like puppeteers.

With a wink of an eye, the woman is raised on the platform as she continually does her thing. She looks so dashing on the stage and is being treated like a queen while doing some dances. The sight looks so magical. How can she manage to balance herself on the platform more than thirty feet high from the fjord? I don't see myself grow in height but I can see her clearly in awe from where I stand. Amazing.

The scene shifts to a public hearing. It is indeed a public hearing that it is taking place in open area on the side of the road. I am standing on the same riprap but this time with the company of my boyfriend. The model and the three mean earlier just vanished. There are a lot of kibitzers on the road. The people await the courtroom drama. I see the judge in the middle and the brown table adorned with some artifacts like flags and old knives and bolos. One of the lawyers closely examines them and raises a flag. He tells everybody that those are stolen artifacts.

More and more people get attracted to the sight and I feel exhausted. I ask my boyfriend to take a walk and find a place where we can drink some water.I see lots of faces with huge unfamiliarity. Down the road as we go further, I see an old friend. He is fixing a car. I tell him I need a ride. He asks me to come over. He opens the front trunk of the car and he fixes its propeller. The longer I look at it, the propeller turns into a washing machine's propeller and it becomes too small.

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The Computers On The Rooftop

The space on the roof top leaves a sight of metals sprawled on the floor. It must be a huge unfinished building with some protruding iron bars on the concrete. There is a confusion whether I am the office or at someone else's rooftop. I am alone and it is dusking.

I see six computers. I am at the first elongated desk displaying three computers and I see another desk ahead of me with three other desktops. I turn on one of the computers and I play pinball. It must be pinball I guess. I keep so absorbed and my fingers begin to turn jittery.

I vigorously press the keys which all turn into arrows here and there. As I try to press the arrow key pointed downwards, the first computer at the other desk gets ejected towards me. I look at it and it turns tinier as seconds tick off. I press the other keys and the remaining computers also get ejected. I am nervous minding my boss who might catch me messing up with his computers as I pick up the first one. In seconds, it turns into a mini-computer.

This isn't a nightmare and I have to wake up.

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The Air-Conditioner In A Bag

The long stairs seem so vivid as I see myself going down. The topmost part of it shows my cousin's house standing on the hill. We seem so distant from each other that she keeps yelling at me telling me to hurry up and ready everything because a heavy rain is on its way to wet the dryland. I end up reaching their backyard and I start picking up chayotes and other fruits and vegetables. I put them inside a sack I have in my right hand.

I am sure I am at their backyard but I see her dad's office there. Her dad had passed away. I start packing his folders and envelopes to put them in the house. I see a really big bag and I start pulling it. Inside the bag are other files and folders and a big air-conditioner. My cousin sees my burden pulling it and she comes down to help. She goes upstairs and I decide to have a short rest. When I look upstairs, she is gone.

A building starts to appear on my left. It opens its door and I decide to get in. The room is really spacious as I see huge stairs which appear like bleachers. On the ceiling are metal braces to support what must be heavy metal roofs of the building. I feel tired and sleepy and I see myself taking a nap on one of the braces. When I open my eyes, a familiar old man comes in through the wall and starts shouting at me. He aks me to leave the place immediately. I quickly get up and as I leave, two good looking men both wearing red tee's meet me with their killer smiles. They sure both are handsome young lads.

The outside of the building looks different now. I see the long stairs in one of the parks in my hometown. I see an old friend. She looks so gorgeous as she stares at me on her descent. I am so eager to meet her halfway as she watches her kids descending ahead of her. As we get closer, I become more conscious and so I look at my shirt and pants. I am wearing a red shirt and a besmirched faded green jeans. When I look at them again, the stairs are gone and the scene brings us to my elementary school ground. I see her children eagerly approaching the microphone on the school stage. There's a singing contest her kids are wanting to join. I give my encouragements.

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Shark Steak

Standing by the river near one of my cousins' house. I leisurely watch some rubbish being drifted away by the cataract. There's an iron basin, a TV set, a refrigerator, and I see a live duck helplessly getting himself out of the water. I call my dad's attention standing from behind and tell him I just saw a huge deal of fresh meat floating on the water. He quickly manages to salvage it.

We go to the kitchen and ask my mom to prepare a dish out of it. My mom comes and tells us the food is ready. When I look at the food. It's so gross. It looks like human guts sliced thinly and queued on sticks. I lose the nerve to have them on my palate though I know I am so hungry.

I walk around the house and I see a toddler playing. My dad and his friends are playing "tong-it", a (Filipino card game)in the living room. He tells the child to go to sleep. The child leaves and disappears. I walk past them and go to the kitchen. I see an older child sleeping on the hard sofa. He seems like one of my cousins around seven years old. He is fast asleep though his lower legs are already sprawled on the floor and his upper body on the sofa. I look for some food in the kitchen. I open the casserole looking for some food, I see some sauted meat but it appears to me that it must be some sliced shark's meat. Urggh. I change my mind and watch my dad play card games. Before my senses even sends me a nudge, I tell him to make the sleeping child comfortable on the sofa.

I am really hungry. I think I have to go the cafeteria now and grab some food before I start my first class online.

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The Baby Down Under My Feet

I felt so tired this morning as I had to substitute for a teacher who just took a leave. I decided to enjoy a siesta two hours before my first class just an hour away from lunch time. Dream with me...

I am hypnagogic, lying on the cushioned floor, I am leaned on the cushion on my left side. There seems to be a battle between my reality and my fantasy. I can't seem to move. I know there's my cellphone within reach on my left but I just can't grab it. My arms are numb.

Oh my! How could there be a baby boy down under my feet? He keeps moving down there but he is too quiet. I can't seem to look at where he is since I can't move but I know he must be so angelic. I am also aware that I am talking to his mom seated on the rattan chair near the base of the mattress. She wears a strikingly yellow blouse and a gray skirt. She peacefully sits there watching the sight of her baby and me. I make another attempt to try to turn over trying to be careful enough so as not to disturb the baby in lull. I really can't and am so distressed. I shouldn't be in a nightmare.

Am I at my house? I think so. It has totally changed. The once shabby house with dull walls and layout has totally changed. Now, I see the walls painted yellow similar to the baby's mom's blouse color.

I must not be dreaming. I rose from where I lay and look out the window. It's raining and I see my house, the old look of my house. Very shabby, the only picture of poverty in the entire village. It's raining. I can see my brothers and father busying themselves around a square space surrounded with sterling wires. Hanging on to the wires and enclosing them are yellow tarpaulins arranged like curtains. They are painstakingly brushing and cleansing them, removing their stains and making them look brand new. They all give me smiles and my younger brother tells me they're making huge cash out of it.

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A talk over some strawberry jam

Looking at him from a close distance beside the thicket fencing the pavement, I see "Brandon" sharpening a small saw in the veranda. He seems thrilled thrusting a small piece of iron in between the teeth of the other piece of metal. Beside him are two other guys who certainly look obscure and are busying themselves fixing broken umbrellas. I haven't seen Brandon for a long time. He gives me a heartwarming smile. In a second or so, he turns into one of my male cousins.

As if he knew my intention, he starts telling me to proceed to their house and that his younger sister and mom might just be surprised to see me. Just before turning my back on "Larry"(Brandon just transformed into my cousin named Larry)who continues to enjoy his work, an unfamiliar guy emerges from behind and volunteers to take me to my aunt and Larry's sister. I tell him he doesn't have to because I know the place but he insists. He seems cocky. I leave him and reach my aunts house in no time.

The Bungalow looks so quiet. I get the feeling that there is no one inside. The half-opened, wooden brown door though tells me otherwise. I get inside the house and the guy who offered to go with me just vanished into thin air. (He is actually good looking and I felt a sudden gush of faggot screams inside me, LOL)The interior of the house is almost familiar with me. The locations of the dining table, the posters on the walls, and the linoleum haven't changed. But where are the furnitures? They are gone as I look around and the emptiness of the living room in particular catches my attention. A sudden gust of wind makes its way through the opened backdoor and starts levitating the floor covering.

I sit in the dining area and my female cousin arrives, in her hand is a shopping bag made of straw. She sits down, joins me and tells me they are leaving the place. She points to her mom in the room adjacent to the living room and I see my aunt carrying a TV set, a refrigerator, and a washing machine at the same time. I tell my cousin how sad I feel about their plan. Flashbacks of childhood memories I had in the house started to run through my head. My cousin consoles me and opens the straw-bag she just placed under the table. I peek in and I see a load of strawberry jam. She gets some A4 papers and folds them like sandwhiches. She fills them, eagerly eats them and offers me some. I refuse and tell her instead to just give me some for the take home.

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What do you Think?

A little bit later, I will be posting one of my dreams though I feel like I want to change the tense of the verb I often use with my narration. Instead of sticking to my old way of narrating my dreams using the simple past, I want to use the simple present tense and the progressive tense to see if these may somehow make my narration livelier. Please tell me what you think. To be honest, I am struggling about how to make myself a better writer. Thanks a lot.^^

The Water Train

We just heard from my boyfriend's sister that there was gonna be a major flood that may endanger the place where his family and I stay. We quickly left for home and we took a train ride to make it on time and to bring to salvation our properties and belongings.

With my back pack on, I was seen standing on the train while it was zooming fast past a cave or might have been a sea tunnel. The train was windowless and I could sense the pressure of almost scratching or touching my body with the rough tunnel walls. I could clearly see the water under as the train was kinda shaky and I had to hold on for dear life that it was advancing real fast.

The fear and nervousness I felt was aggravated as the tunnel ceiling was causing the train to be bumpy. It kept rubbing the roof as I could see some sparks above caused by the friction. The train was like customized to almost exactly fit in the tunnel to avoid it tumbling down as there were no tracks. I managed to move in towards the head section of the train and the view towards the horizon gave me a grotesque picture of people waiting for our arrival. I think I saw some of my boyfriend's relatives waving their hands at us.

As we approached, the train skidded on to a concrete pavement and as I got off, the train just turned into a very long mattress which even billowed on the ground. When I turned back, all the other passengers just disappeared and I never even bothered to wait for my boyfriend anymore who was just closely trailing behind. The people I saw waving at us earlier also vanished and the neighborhood appeared like it was razed by fire though there were a few shanties left. There were also smokes here and there.

Not minding my boyfriend, I rushed in towards the first shanty to my left and a handsome naked teenage boy with a milky skin greeted me with delight. I wasn't sure if he was in hysteria because to my surprise he started tugging me and was wanting me to give him a fellatio. I felt the urge and followed him as he entered another shanty. I poked my head in at the door and saw what seemed like his family members sleeping. There were around five of them squeezed in the shanty and I was shocked that they were all naked. He cringed himself into the shelf adjacent to the wall of the shanty and was madly crying. He really wanted me to give him a blowjob.(weird!) Inspite of his shouting, his family members just ignored him.

I was like obliged to grant his desire but I had second thoughts that my boyfriend might catch me redhanded. A little bit later, my boyfriend's sister showed up and informed us to start packing our things and stuff in the backyard.

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The Helicopter Exit

It used to be one of my favorite hang outs whenever my compulsiveness fell upon me. Recently I have noticed myself dreaming where the scenes occur in my hometown. I was playing tennis and I was very proud to tell my new found friends here in Manila of my tennis prowess. We were gambling over our best serves. I was a failure that I tried hitting the ball more than ten times but the ball just keep passing through the guts of the racket. I never made a hit and so frustrated that I invited my friends home.

I think it was dinner time. I remember buying two bags of taro vegetables. There was no more taro left that I freaked out by taking a pee on the floor. Instead of urine coming out from my system, it was like a never ending spill or flow of milk while my mom was angrily looking at me.

Then my boyfriend and I left the house. I don't know what happened to my visitors. We went to town and we met two beautiful girls. They surely were good looking and we figured that they work as newscasters for a local TV Channel. They invited us over at the TV station. They introduced us to their boss who was an old guy with a mustache. We enjoyed watching one of the girl's newscast at the hotel lounge where the station was located. She even got a commendation from his boss, gave her a kiss and he offered us some drinks outside for the treat.

We went out of the building and I remember that we were suddenly making an exit off the helicopter, the rope ladder going down to the ground was too long that I remember being the second to the last person to descend. After landing, I was just so excited following the girls and their boss that I forgot to wait for my boyfriend. When I went back, my boyfriend was sitting on the rope ladder which now turned into a concrete one. He lost the nerve to go down because there were tens of chiuauas eagerly barking at him. He was crying as and told me why I didn't wait for him. He looked so scared but I was helpless standing from a distance. I couldn't go near him because I myself was scared of dogs.

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A Mermaid in the Creek?

I thought like it was the end of the world. My eyes were nailed to the flowing water in the creek as I was walking sideways to get to the nearest variety store in the neighborhood. Then I halted, I looked again closely at the creek to make sure I was looking at the real thing. It was too quiet and looking at the creek made the scene more horrible.

Flowing in the creek was not water but a very slimy liquid which gave me the idea that it was lava coming from a volcano though there is no volcano in the village. I also thought that water pollution in the area has gone bad that the whole thing occupying the creek was soapsuds. I thought there was a threatening catastrophe so I had to hurry then while eyeing at the bridge just a few meters ahead of me. The cataract of flowing matter in the creek almost overlapping the bridge prodded me to speed up.

Once my feet settled on the bridge, I gave a quick look at my cousin's riparian house. I must have been in illusion that I just saw my cousin's upper body emerge from the creek and sink back in right away. She seemed like her though she had longer hair, angelic face and, was wearing a blue shirt. She gave me a frightening look with her big eyes. That gave me a second thought whether what I saw was actually a cousin or a mermaid. (A mermaid in a creek?) If she were my cousin, then she would have been the only person visible to me at that time. The whole surroundings was really eerie.

After crossing the bridge, I finally arrived at the variety store where I bought three bags of fishballs. I remember my dad and his friends were drinking at home that I was on an errand to buy them appetizers. With three bags of fishballs in my hands, I felt frozen. I couldn't move, the stuff seemed so heavy that my feet were pinned down on the ground. The store owner suddenly disappeared and when I directed my eyes at my left towards the pavement, I saw two of my neighbors pass by. They offered me help but out of nowhere, my younger brother came rushing towards me and volunteered to carry one of the bags.

As we set our feet to head for home, my brother messed up with the fishballs, dropped the bag and the fishballs with its sauce just exploded on the ground. I was so damn disappointed in him that before my waking world, I started hitting him countless times with my knuckles on his head.

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The Violence Class

Wearing a red blouse and dashing as usual, she met me at the entrance of one of the biggest buildings on that avenue. The place is the biggest TV Network in the Philippines, ABS-CBN. I remember I was in a violent effort asking for her autograph while the security guards around just kept pushing the barricades to avoid a stampede as there was a mob. Everybody was just so dying to hold a piece of her popular figure.

Her name is Korina Sanchez, one of the best Newscasters in the Philippines in the actual world. Idolizing her could have been the reason why she had a special participation in my dreams. She had this smile like she was very eager to take me to the newsroom and give me some tour around. I was blabbering how much of a fanatic I was when she noticed me earlier at the entrance with the big crowd of people dying to get her autograph and sense of her fame.

She asked me to join her and gave me a pat on the back as we entered the building. I never got the reaction of the other people when we left the outdoor. She said she was giving me a tour for the privilege of meeting one of her fans. The baggage counter did ask to inspect my bag(my backpack again) before getting on the elevator.

As we got on the the upper floor of the building, we entered what seemed like a library. The area was divided into two, near the entrance of the floor were students quietly studying their lessons and after the wooden divider was a group of what seemed like Russian students because of their milky complexion and their semi-blonde hair. I think they were highschool students. It was a big class and to my estimate, there were around sixty of them all seated around several long wooden desks, each of them holding a rifle, and familiarizing themselves with the parts of the rifle and the proper handling skills.

Their instructor was a plomp guy whose countenance resembled that of Dumbledoor. He was busy and intensely teaching the students the importance of war and how necessary it is to be violent for survival while telling them to look at the big TV set or what might have been a projector.

My eyes were fastened at the class that I forgot Korina had been calling me to enter her booth. "You know, I really wanted you to appear on primetime news because you deserve to be there than the current news anchor at that time slot." "Too bad I had to follow the directive of the executives here," she said. "There are already plans for me going back to the primetime slot and you should just wait," she added.

I couldn't just resist looking at the big TV set outside the booth as Korina started explaining the basics of the console. I was immersed into a scene by the seaside, where three Russian teens were snowballing so hard that each of them had bloody faces. The instructor of the Violence Class kept reminding his students to emulate such acts. In a wink of an eye, I was totally immersed as I was on the boob tube.

I was spying the three teens hurling balled wads of snow onto each other under a vague kind of tree. I moved my eyes upward and I saw another Russian teen in the tree with a giant sling shot aiming at the other three down there. He was half naked, without any underwear as I could see his shrunk dick between his balls. I tried to squeeze myself under the tree because of fear that he might just make me his target. When I looked at the three teens again by the seaside, they were all dead piled up onto each other, the blood stains all over their bodies and the snow made the scene so gory.

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For the nth time, my emerald green bag made its presence felt in my dreams last night.

With it on my back, I went to the school where I worked at four years ago. I met old faces and new teachers and my former Korean boss who gave me a very special welcome. The atmosphere was covered with anticipation and happiness and I got the chance to see and interact with my old colleagues. On my arrival, I was given a special task at once to collect unpaid tuition fees from the students. With a piece of pen and a notebook I headed for the company driver's house as someone had told me earlier students remitted their money to him.

With my dragged feet, I went to a familiar place where at the gate, relatives of the driver met me and my presence created a stir. Someone had told me that he keeps some students' money and I had to see him to gather the amount. The driver's house was an ordinary two-storey house without ceilings and windows. Everybody in the place told me he wasn't there. I couldn't believe them, I insisted I had to go inside the house and start looking for him. The amount of the money was huge that I really had to have it collected.

I stormed in and the driver, already a senior citizen as he seemed in my dream quickly got out of his bed on the upper floor of the house. I saw no stairs from the inconcrete ground floor extending to the man's room. I wondered how he could go down. Then, out of the braces of the ceiling, he pulled out what looked like as a rusty galvanized gutter, cascaded it down and he descended.

Tucking the money inside my bag, I hastily left the place. Then I was drifted into a place barricaded by tendrils of some tropical vines and vegetables that I had to make my way out of the compound. The house gate I saw earlier just vanished into thin air. Next sightings showed me some small huts and I was having a hard time finding exits.

The place was so defeaning other than the rustling water under. It seemed desolate despite the presence of some households. I was supposed to meet my boss after. When I looked down, I saw the barefoot me. I don't know where I put my shoes and I don't even recall taking them off, then I had to fold my slacks to knee-level while sluggishly proceeding downwards a muddy slope with the running water aggravating the slimy condition of the soil. I was struggling hard not to slip as I was making my way to the first hut down the slope.

A woman was eagerly standing by the window of the hut and pointing her hands to some rubbish drifted along the water. There were empty plastic bottles of mineral water and shampoo. Out of compulsion, my submissive mind started picking them up that I ceased to recall my original intention-to meet my boss. Suddenly, when I grabbed my backpack, it turned into an empty sack of rice and I remember putting the litters there.

My descent was so freaky that another woman at the base who surely recognized me was losing it and started saying at the top of her lungs, "Because you are a gambler and you shoud stop gambling...." Well..

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