Smoking Out

The classroom setting is not a very unusual location where I see myself anxiously sitting on a chair. I am back in college with some Korean classmates. I remember writing something on a white sheet of paper and my teacher whose face I don't recall tells me I got some failing grades due to my recurrent tardiness.

The teacher gets out of the class and while waiting, I am urged to go out too, and look for some cancer sticks.

A younger Korean classmate joins me in to assuage our smoking addiction. We stealthily leave the class and climb the stairs leading to what seems a long, narrow stretch of a road. On the sides are congestion of shanties plastered side by side each other.

We are amazed at an ongoing kite flying festival where I see my old (Korean students in the past) showing their inept ability of creating fabulous kites and a magnificent show (this never happened in the actual though). We look at the horizon oblivious to our smoking urge and see how tens of kites form floral patterns on the sky. The kites look like skydivers managing to form themselves in different patterns in the cobalt sky.

As the kites start getting intertwined and entangled in the sky, the Korean classmate and I leave the place while we see lots of onlookers clapping loudly in awe.

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