The Aquarium House

This is also one of my recurrent dreams where I often see my self carrying a backpack.

The presence of my expectant dad and hopeful younger brother greet me on my arrival. They thought I'd be coming home with my mom. My dad asks me the whereabouts of my mom and I tell him I am plain clueless where she is.

Looks like they had been waiting for her as they tell me she has been missing for months. The ambiance at home is sullen. I see my dad and brother inside what seems like a constructed water reservoir or a concrete water tank. The interior has the verisimilitude of a cave. My dad and younger brother have been working on meters and meters of flexible pbc pipes. Water gushing out from each of the intertwined pipes which are connected to our house just above the cave-like structure.

Before finally getting inside the house, I sit down with my dad while putting my backpack on my lap. We start talking about the water supply in the village and he tells me that the price of water there has skyrocketed at 10 cents per bucket. I tell him it's nonsense and we start comparing the prices. I argue that a drum of water only costs 20 cents and ask why the hell they have to settle for buckets. I add that 5 cents is pretty expensive for a bucket and the simple talk turns into an argument. I manage to leave immediately and avoid igniting the argument.

The inside of the house is submerged in water. Gives me the idea that I am a fish swimming his way in and out of my room. I unpack and proceed to my parents' room to double check my mom. I see her clothes lying in bed but she is still nowhere to be found. As I swim out of the room, I see two giant janitor fishes as big as the normal size of sharks. They are inside the bed's mosquito net and they get agitated. One of them manages to bite my right leg and I scream. My brother whom I saw earlier comes to the rescue.

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