A pool of gay mermaids and eel-like humans

I am so groggy, I am not sure if I am drunk or just plain dizzy. My world seems to be upside down. I see myself making his way out of the office holding a laptop and some big bags of chips in my arms. I don't know why I have the guts walking around with the laptop and the chips preoccupying my hands while I am half naked, wearing just a shirt-no pants, no underwear. It is unclear in my mind where I am headed for. I just feel so damn tired that I think I am looking for a place where I can lie down and rest.

Then, I arrive at a certain place which turns out later as my younger brother's boarding house. The bed looks so comfy, covered with white bedsheet so inviting that I scoot in right away. The laptop and the chips still lay rested on my tummy. I feel motionless, I want to move but I can't. The only consolation is my head which I can turn left and right. My eyes are fixed at the door to my left which resembles a coffin because of the small window attached onto it.

I try my best to wake up. I think I am having the weather combined with some physical malaise I'm dealing with. I just feel so lethargic. Suddenly, I hear my younger brother's voice. He tells me how happy he is to see me in his boarding house. His boarding house is located in a remote area which was ones a river. He punnily mentions that his place turns into a water reservoir every time there is heavy rain. In so saying, I finally manage to get out of bed and sit on my hamstring near the doorway of his shelter. I see that he has other visitors. They all look strange to me though. They have been talking for a while.

When I look outside the door, I just realize that it is raining, the denuded mountains nearby, show muds rolling down from it's slope. The water from the mountains are gathered at the base where a riprapped portion instantly created a pool. Then the scene horrifies me, I see strange creatures. They look so awfully scary.

The creatures are not just mermaids but gay mermaids frantically swimming and having a good time in the muddy pool. Other than mermaids, there are also eel-like human beings, proudly swishing their tail-like lower limbs back and forth and shooting forth their upper limbs from the pool. I start to shiver but the unfamiliar person in front of me gives me the assurance that those swimming creatures are harmless and their existence in the community is normal.

While he continues to talk, I freak more intensely this time that two gay mermaids unexpectedly show up just behind him by the window. Their faces are bony, translucent in blue neon colors. They have big eyes and they resemble the typical looks of aliens. They surely give me a daunting gaze but disappear short after.

My curiosity leads me to ask my younger brother to give me a tour of the place. I am still horrified. We follow the route from his boarding house to the nearest market and jeepney station. I don't see the mermaids now but I see and hear a lot of people talking about them. All the people say those mermaids have been a part of the community and they are harmless creatures.

As my brother and I decide to turn our back back to his house, two gay mermaids suddenly emerge and run after us. We run for our lives and see my brother shot with a plastic tube launcher by one of the mermaids. I stop and try to help my brother. I scream and I wake up.

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By their description, the mermaids and eel-like creatures sound freaky! This was a really weird dream!

But I think that if someday you wish to write a horror novel you wouldn't have to look too far for inspiration! ;)

October 12, 2007 at 9:21 PM  

How come I don't get any dreams at all for a long long time. You seems to have plenty of weird dreams

October 14, 2007 at 2:17 PM  

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