Eating Out Under The Rain

Back in my hometown, I am at a compound where my Filipina boss lives. It is a surprise that she already owns three different houses, each beautiful in its own. I used to be under her supervision while working for a Korean school in the city but that was three years ago. Am I back in the school where I once worked? Maybe, in my dream. (LOL)
She gives me a very warm accommodation as she lets me enjoy a night rest in one of the houses. She hands me over the key to the house. The next day, her daughter comes telling me we are eating out. It's her mom's treat. I take a shower, look at myself in the mirror, put the house in order, and I leave.

Arriving at the gate of the compound, I remember I just left the key inside the house. I tell my boss' daughter who's now inside a pajero car how sorry I am for being forgetful. I must be in a hurry on my way out and I just tell her to get it herself knowing that she and her boyfriend are headed for the same place anyway to get something.

As I exit the gate, I see AJ's dad buying some Chinese noodles from a vendor on the street. He doesn't see me and so I just ignore him now that all of a sudden my younger sister appeared by my side. We are both agitated, expecting some special event. It's almost raining as the drizzle starts tattooing the ground.

A few moments later, my older brother arrives with his two horses and he gives both of us a ride. AJ's dad turns into my own dad and we eat at a concrete table in an open area with the Chinese noodles packed in several styro's. It's raining.

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