The Helicopter Exit

It used to be one of my favorite hang outs whenever my compulsiveness fell upon me. Recently I have noticed myself dreaming where the scenes occur in my hometown. I was playing tennis and I was very proud to tell my new found friends here in Manila of my tennis prowess. We were gambling over our best serves. I was a failure that I tried hitting the ball more than ten times but the ball just keep passing through the guts of the racket. I never made a hit and so frustrated that I invited my friends home.

I think it was dinner time. I remember buying two bags of taro vegetables. There was no more taro left that I freaked out by taking a pee on the floor. Instead of urine coming out from my system, it was like a never ending spill or flow of milk while my mom was angrily looking at me.

Then my boyfriend and I left the house. I don't know what happened to my visitors. We went to town and we met two beautiful girls. They surely were good looking and we figured that they work as newscasters for a local TV Channel. They invited us over at the TV station. They introduced us to their boss who was an old guy with a mustache. We enjoyed watching one of the girl's newscast at the hotel lounge where the station was located. She even got a commendation from his boss, gave her a kiss and he offered us some drinks outside for the treat.

We went out of the building and I remember that we were suddenly making an exit off the helicopter, the rope ladder going down to the ground was too long that I remember being the second to the last person to descend. After landing, I was just so excited following the girls and their boss that I forgot to wait for my boyfriend. When I went back, my boyfriend was sitting on the rope ladder which now turned into a concrete one. He lost the nerve to go down because there were tens of chiuauas eagerly barking at him. He was crying as and told me why I didn't wait for him. He looked so scared but I was helpless standing from a distance. I couldn't go near him because I myself was scared of dogs.

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