Shark Steak

Standing by the river near one of my cousins' house. I leisurely watch some rubbish being drifted away by the cataract. There's an iron basin, a TV set, a refrigerator, and I see a live duck helplessly getting himself out of the water. I call my dad's attention standing from behind and tell him I just saw a huge deal of fresh meat floating on the water. He quickly manages to salvage it.

We go to the kitchen and ask my mom to prepare a dish out of it. My mom comes and tells us the food is ready. When I look at the food. It's so gross. It looks like human guts sliced thinly and queued on sticks. I lose the nerve to have them on my palate though I know I am so hungry.

I walk around the house and I see a toddler playing. My dad and his friends are playing "tong-it", a (Filipino card game)in the living room. He tells the child to go to sleep. The child leaves and disappears. I walk past them and go to the kitchen. I see an older child sleeping on the hard sofa. He seems like one of my cousins around seven years old. He is fast asleep though his lower legs are already sprawled on the floor and his upper body on the sofa. I look for some food in the kitchen. I open the casserole looking for some food, I see some sauted meat but it appears to me that it must be some sliced shark's meat. Urggh. I change my mind and watch my dad play card games. Before my senses even sends me a nudge, I tell him to make the sleeping child comfortable on the sofa.

I am really hungry. I think I have to go the cafeteria now and grab some food before I start my first class online.

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