A talk over some strawberry jam

Looking at him from a close distance beside the thicket fencing the pavement, I see "Brandon" sharpening a small saw in the veranda. He seems thrilled thrusting a small piece of iron in between the teeth of the other piece of metal. Beside him are two other guys who certainly look obscure and are busying themselves fixing broken umbrellas. I haven't seen Brandon for a long time. He gives me a heartwarming smile. In a second or so, he turns into one of my male cousins.

As if he knew my intention, he starts telling me to proceed to their house and that his younger sister and mom might just be surprised to see me. Just before turning my back on "Larry"(Brandon just transformed into my cousin named Larry)who continues to enjoy his work, an unfamiliar guy emerges from behind and volunteers to take me to my aunt and Larry's sister. I tell him he doesn't have to because I know the place but he insists. He seems cocky. I leave him and reach my aunts house in no time.

The Bungalow looks so quiet. I get the feeling that there is no one inside. The half-opened, wooden brown door though tells me otherwise. I get inside the house and the guy who offered to go with me just vanished into thin air. (He is actually good looking and I felt a sudden gush of faggot screams inside me, LOL)The interior of the house is almost familiar with me. The locations of the dining table, the posters on the walls, and the linoleum haven't changed. But where are the furnitures? They are gone as I look around and the emptiness of the living room in particular catches my attention. A sudden gust of wind makes its way through the opened backdoor and starts levitating the floor covering.

I sit in the dining area and my female cousin arrives, in her hand is a shopping bag made of straw. She sits down, joins me and tells me they are leaving the place. She points to her mom in the room adjacent to the living room and I see my aunt carrying a TV set, a refrigerator, and a washing machine at the same time. I tell my cousin how sad I feel about their plan. Flashbacks of childhood memories I had in the house started to run through my head. My cousin consoles me and opens the straw-bag she just placed under the table. I peek in and I see a load of strawberry jam. She gets some A4 papers and folds them like sandwhiches. She fills them, eagerly eats them and offers me some. I refuse and tell her instead to just give me some for the take home.

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lol! your dreams are weird~ it's amazing that you can remember them with such precision!

i started a dream diary a while ago but i could not fill it. all the details of my dreams disappeared in the morning! good going with the dreams! ;)

August 15, 2007 at 4:47 AM  

You made the tense change. It works well because it unfolds before me. It makes the dream participatory. Also, you switched tense of few times. That worked well. As always the substance and the telling are enchantments.

August 16, 2007 at 12:04 AM  

hi morinn, there are times i can't remember them though i dream lucidly most of the time, i have a pen and a notebook with me in bed,thanks for the visit

hi staggo, thanks for keeping track and for the feedback, i really am happy that you appreciated the effort^^

August 16, 2007 at 6:21 AM  

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