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A little bit later, I will be posting one of my dreams though I feel like I want to change the tense of the verb I often use with my narration. Instead of sticking to my old way of narrating my dreams using the simple past, I want to use the simple present tense and the progressive tense to see if these may somehow make my narration livelier. Please tell me what you think. To be honest, I am struggling about how to make myself a better writer. Thanks a lot.^^


Do it. Period. Experiment. Go over the edge sometimes. It's your writing. The task is to communicate effectively, not oh so properly. I have (still do) read/write things which use street talk or mangle English, but they work, if the writer isn't attempting to be cute. You're fretting over that which most readers aren't going to care about. We read your posts, because they communicate. What's more, you're writing dreams, not a dissertation. You can switch tenses, you can hack up the story line in disjointed pieces--they're dreams. If you try something that sucks, oh, well. You're in the realm of art, not writing 7th grade essays. I admire your dedication in asking these questions.

August 14, 2007 at 9:28 PM  

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