The Water Train

We just heard from my boyfriend's sister that there was gonna be a major flood that may endanger the place where his family and I stay. We quickly left for home and we took a train ride to make it on time and to bring to salvation our properties and belongings.

With my back pack on, I was seen standing on the train while it was zooming fast past a cave or might have been a sea tunnel. The train was windowless and I could sense the pressure of almost scratching or touching my body with the rough tunnel walls. I could clearly see the water under as the train was kinda shaky and I had to hold on for dear life that it was advancing real fast.

The fear and nervousness I felt was aggravated as the tunnel ceiling was causing the train to be bumpy. It kept rubbing the roof as I could see some sparks above caused by the friction. The train was like customized to almost exactly fit in the tunnel to avoid it tumbling down as there were no tracks. I managed to move in towards the head section of the train and the view towards the horizon gave me a grotesque picture of people waiting for our arrival. I think I saw some of my boyfriend's relatives waving their hands at us.

As we approached, the train skidded on to a concrete pavement and as I got off, the train just turned into a very long mattress which even billowed on the ground. When I turned back, all the other passengers just disappeared and I never even bothered to wait for my boyfriend anymore who was just closely trailing behind. The people I saw waving at us earlier also vanished and the neighborhood appeared like it was razed by fire though there were a few shanties left. There were also smokes here and there.

Not minding my boyfriend, I rushed in towards the first shanty to my left and a handsome naked teenage boy with a milky skin greeted me with delight. I wasn't sure if he was in hysteria because to my surprise he started tugging me and was wanting me to give him a fellatio. I felt the urge and followed him as he entered another shanty. I poked my head in at the door and saw what seemed like his family members sleeping. There were around five of them squeezed in the shanty and I was shocked that they were all naked. He cringed himself into the shelf adjacent to the wall of the shanty and was madly crying. He really wanted me to give him a blowjob.(weird!) Inspite of his shouting, his family members just ignored him.

I was like obliged to grant his desire but I had second thoughts that my boyfriend might catch me redhanded. A little bit later, my boyfriend's sister showed up and informed us to start packing our things and stuff in the backyard.

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Kid, this dream makes me positively sweaty. So much damn liquid tension.

August 9, 2007 at 7:52 PM  

Wow, no hidden messages in this dream.

August 11, 2007 at 7:56 AM  

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