The Baby Down Under My Feet

I felt so tired this morning as I had to substitute for a teacher who just took a leave. I decided to enjoy a siesta two hours before my first class just an hour away from lunch time. Dream with me...

I am hypnagogic, lying on the cushioned floor, I am leaned on the cushion on my left side. There seems to be a battle between my reality and my fantasy. I can't seem to move. I know there's my cellphone within reach on my left but I just can't grab it. My arms are numb.

Oh my! How could there be a baby boy down under my feet? He keeps moving down there but he is too quiet. I can't seem to look at where he is since I can't move but I know he must be so angelic. I am also aware that I am talking to his mom seated on the rattan chair near the base of the mattress. She wears a strikingly yellow blouse and a gray skirt. She peacefully sits there watching the sight of her baby and me. I make another attempt to try to turn over trying to be careful enough so as not to disturb the baby in lull. I really can't and am so distressed. I shouldn't be in a nightmare.

Am I at my house? I think so. It has totally changed. The once shabby house with dull walls and layout has totally changed. Now, I see the walls painted yellow similar to the baby's mom's blouse color.

I must not be dreaming. I rose from where I lay and look out the window. It's raining and I see my house, the old look of my house. Very shabby, the only picture of poverty in the entire village. It's raining. I can see my brothers and father busying themselves around a square space surrounded with sterling wires. Hanging on to the wires and enclosing them are yellow tarpaulins arranged like curtains. They are painstakingly brushing and cleansing them, removing their stains and making them look brand new. They all give me smiles and my younger brother tells me they're making huge cash out of it.

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That's the true rarity in dreams--wondering if your dreaming or if it is reality. I once awoke from an intense dream. It was dark, and I sat up on the side of the bed. Suddenly, an arm reached up from the middle of my mattress and grabbed my arm. The, I woke uo--same dark room exactly. I was so terrifeid, I jumped off the bed and turned the lights, breathing hard and sweating.

August 16, 2007 at 9:55 PM  

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