My Teeth Turn Into Sharp Shards of Glass

I am at home. I haven't been home after a while. My parents and friends must have missed me. It's Christmas time. I am at the living room trying to enjoy my last night with my family. Looking through the window, the night seems so quiet. I know I haven't taken a shower yet but the cold weather just keeps pushing me away from going to the bathroom for one.

From the sofa where I am seated in, I am visualizing my traveling bag. I see some socks without their right pairs. I quickly turn to my mother who enjoys watching some TV Programs. I see my dad, but what he seems to be doing doesn't appear clear to me.

Then my childhood friends and neighbors surprise me by the window. There are more than ten of them and they disturb the tranquil night. How excited and happy they are to see me. They start singing some Christmas songs. After a while, I take out some money and I realize I have none. I can't give them any so I turn to my mom to ask money. Then, I see a not so close friend who is also one of my crushes in the neighborhood. He is drunken...

He invites me to go out. I decide to leave and hurriedly take my bag in the room. On my way out I figure that there are more people waiting for me on the pathway. All their eyes towards my direction. They all point their fingers at me and they tell me that my mouth is bleeding. I put my right hand in my mouth, look at it and I see blood. When I open my mouth, my left molar just pops out. I even see some of its rotten part. I start getting more conscious so I check my other teeth. Another tooth gets pulled out, and another, and another.

I feel panicky. I feel some teeth slowly chipping off inside my mouth. Some of the neighbors start telling me that the contour of my face and jaw just got elongated. My face turned sunken and flat. I keep more curious so I insert my fingers in my mouth and I feel some sharp shards of glasses protruding on my gums and it just continues bleeding. My teeth continue to break off seconds by seconds.

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Do you dream in color or black and white?

having teeth made of shards of glass can have its advantages ;). Can't think of one though right now! lol

September 12, 2007 at 11:46 PM  

This dream is one of those tense, sweaty ones. You know--the kind that makes sleeping dogs twitch in their sleep. Creepy.

September 13, 2007 at 3:01 AM  

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