The Funeral Turns Into A Wedding

There are so many people around. Some people seem familiar though most of the people look strange to me. Some are my neighbors and some are my relatives. The atmosphere is covered with melancholy with the sad faces I see. Then, I set my eyes at the white luxurious coffin. There is no mistake that I must be at a funeral parlor.

A familiar neighbor is giving a hug to my aunt. I just realized that it is my aunt who has been weeping so loudly. I don't seem to bother to look at what's inside or who's inside. I know my aunt's hubby had died many years ago. I never heard she remarried. I stay put a few meters away from where the drama is and remain argus-eyed.

The pillars of the parlor look so big that it resembles the interior of a typical Catholic Church. It must be the last day of the funeral. Everybody seems to be waiting for the interment and it is even made clear-cut by the weeping of the majority. Behind me, I see some neighbors whispering to each other and giggling. If I am not mistaken, they are talking about some illicit affair my aunt is into. I just ignore them. I point my eyes to my aunt and she looks younger than her actual looks. She looks whiter than before and she is sporting a short hair which definitely makes her more youthful-looking.

My aunt is now crying at the coffin. Somebody hands her a white foot-long candle and she eagerly rubs it in between her palms. Like she is rolling it in between to make it longer. She lights the candle and places it on top of the coffin. As the coffin bearers lift the coffin out of the church. My aunt who is wearing a black tight shirt leaves. She goes to one corner of the parlor which is now starting to look more like a church. When I look at her again. Her face glows and her clothes have instantly changed to something silky and red.

A few moments later as she approaches me and hands me over a camera. She suddenly transforms into someone else. I see my mom now handing me a camera with an empty battery case. She smiles at me and tells me to go get some battery and take some pictures of the wedding. She goes towards the aisle of the church, I follow her and I see a lot of children dancing on the aisle give her a welcome. The children are clad in silky white clothing. I want to take pictures but my camera has still no batteries.

As my mom starts moving towards the altar, she transforms into my highschool teacher.

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This is a beautifully enchanting dream. All your dreams are fanciful, sometimes downright bizarre. Sometimes, they are so tense, I actually sweat from the intensity. But this dream comes to me as lovely.

September 5, 2007 at 11:59 PM  

thank you so much staggo that you liked it,^^ i always feel good when you visit and share your thoughts...^^

September 6, 2007 at 1:06 AM  

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