Frog-Like and Silicon Babies

Outside the room looking through the unfinished window of the house next to us, I see two babies so tiny lying on the ground. There are people around just blankly staring at them. They all look unfamiliar. I enter the room and pick them up as they are really small. Upon closer examination, they appear like frogs and their size is of a normal frog's. I know though that they are human babies and not animals. The first baby which I put on my right palm seems healthy and is fast asleep but the other on my right palm seems gasping for breath. He must be at death's door. I can clearly see the intervals of his breathing as I touch his body where his heart is. I get the idea that this baby is made out of silicon, a sort of gummy-thingy.

I get out of the room and go to another house. I tell the people there to take the baby to the hospital. As I head for my house, I suddenly get a picture and a panoramic view of the entire neighborhood. I see the small streets all leading to the basketball court in the village. The whole neighorhood appears to be similar to my neighborhood in Manila though I know it is my neighborhood in my hometown.

Walking further towards home, I meet an old friend. He is Roel. He has been married and I haven't heard from him eversince. He tells me that he has got two kids now and tells the travail of how he bore his third child. I don't seem surprised and it comes so naturally that I actually believe he bore his child. He shows me his private organ, and damn, I see a vagina. He elaborates everything about the pangs of his childbirth.

I leave Roel after a short talk and then I see my older brother and my sister approaching. We meet at a small variety store nearby. My brother takes out several bills of thousand pesos and asks my sister to buy "moropan." I haven't heard of that word before. I don't know if it does exist. When my sister comes back, she gives a box to my brother which looks like a box of a powdered milk.

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This dream is so like Alice in Wonderland. And also like Through the Looking Glass. If you've never read these two--you may well have--try them out. The dreams you write are amazing. Really.

September 6, 2007 at 12:18 AM  

I have never read those though I have heard how fantastic those books are. Thanks for the comments staggo.

September 6, 2007 at 1:09 AM  

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