Don't Read When Eating

At the frontyard of the house, I see myself seated before the computer monitor. It looks like a daily scene at my office where I spend most of the time straining my eyes from the screen's radiation.

It is the old look of our house and its surroundings many years ago. The rustling of the bamboo leaves around seems nostalgic as I enjoy myself playing some online games. The games don't seem to ring a bell. I can hardly recall them but I know I see some dogs barking on the screen and I keep moving my mouse to keep up with its pace.

Suddenly, I look around and I see my dad's dogs barking out loud. Nanosecond after, my mom comes out and she is crying. She tells me my older brother has been missing for more than three months and no one knows his whereabouts. I tell my mom to calm down. I turn back to my computer and start my virtual search to trace him. I start surfing the net and remember sending e-mails to all my msn, gmail and yahoo contacts. It's funny but I remember posting a discussion on blogcatalog about my brother's lost. Realizing I can't find my brother, I succumb infront of the computer and howl like a werewolf. The computer turns into a pillow.

When I get up, I see people have started surrounding me. They might have been drawn by my terrible crying. Two of them really look familiar and just beside them is my older brother. I give him a hug and we talk. Right infront of me, the pillow turns back into a computer again, then into a TV set, and we start talking about our favorite movies.

After sometime, I feel like taking a shit. (Another disgusting scene in my dream, I just dreamt of it a more than a week ago.) This time it's more of a scene in the mountains where I go to an inconspicuous place under the wide trellis covered with chayotes of my neighbor's backyard. I even see myself shoveling the waste after. Yuck!

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Yeah, you are taking shits too often in your dreams recently! :P

Lucky this time there was no girl putting her hand in that! hihi...That's progress! LOL!

September 21, 2007 at 7:08 AM  

I know morinn, it's really disgusting...(LOL)

September 21, 2007 at 8:31 AM  

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