Tall and Handsome In the Dark (Maybe)

Oh, and it was just a dream. How quickly I figured. I thought it was real. I almost killed that guy. The succession of images seemed so real.

Earlier it was a different story...

I am on my way home. I see myself waiting for a jeepney ride as the daylight is fading away. The whole place looks so horrid and the stillness of the apartment buildings behind me suggests the place must have been abandoned. The longer I linger, the more haunting the place becomes. I don't see anyone around. I look again at the queue of dim apartments near by, seeing the windows and the doors open pushed me further into darkness.

No jeepney seems visible. I can't even hear signs of their presence, their roaring engines. I decide to take a walk. I am hopeless. After a few dragging steps, I glance at the apartments on my right and I see a guy on the third floor of one of the apartments with that evil look. He must be younger than I am. The picture of his face is vague, much more vague as it's hued with the darkness.

My heart beats as he keeps his focus on me. Every step I make, he makes his own. The further I go, the more threatening he becomes. I get agitated and think that he wants to kill me. Indeed he does, I see him holding a knife in his right hand. He gives me another satanic look. He is closer now as he is on the second floor of the apartment.

Just in time, a jeepney comes, I get on and as if a magic, I instantly become the driver. I speed up but the guy catches up. He starts wrestling me at the driver's seat but I scuffle and we end up in a vineyard (not of grapes but of chayotes). I see him struggling as I become defensive. I am on top and I ferociously tear him down with several big chayotes in my hand. I continue to pummel him with the vegetables. I feel each chayote slowly crashing him down. I leave him bloody and motionless, though I know he is still alive.

Momentarily, the scene shifts again to a particular place in my hometown. An old friend and I are playing table tennis on the bridge. It's a short bridge and it serves as the table, we are both on the edges and happily hitting pingpong balls which keep turning into balloons intermittently. Whenever we miss the ball, my friend's brother has to go down the creek and get it. We play and play.

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It reminds me--I was in the Philippines outside Subic Bay Naval station. I was walking down a very busy street, looking for a jeepney. A group of youths would attack me from behind, but when I turned, they were gone. This happened over and over. So, the last time I turned around, I gave them the finger, figuring that they would see it wherever they were. Then, I turned my back on them to hurry away. Next, I felt a sharp pain in my side where someone stabbed me with a butterfly knife. Thank God friends came by. I bled a lot. True story, but it seems as if it would make a better dream.

Do people dream other people's dreams?

September 7, 2007 at 12:45 AM  

That was a terrible experience you had here in the Philippines. Good thing you survived that, some foreigners become the victim of envy and advantage takers here. Be always careful.

I think there are some semblance in other people's dreams...

September 9, 2007 at 10:31 PM  

I have a site you may be interested in. I am Dream Analyst!


stop by sometime it's free!

September 10, 2007 at 2:21 AM  

to creative blogger:

I did check the site and I felt happy someday I could submit some of my dreams so you can give your interpretation. Thanks for coming by. Hope to see you here soon again.^^

September 10, 2007 at 3:17 AM  

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