The Invisible Ogre

The covered basketball court takes me to one of its bleachers. I am seated looking at everybody who seems in some euphoria of excitement. The benches surrounding the ground are all filled with spectators, mostly girls. There are quite a few I am familiar with but they don't mind me seeing I am seated with my boyfriend. Two women, each with a cellphone break the silence in my spot. One of them has a moon-shaped face perhaps because of her protruded jaw. The other one has a moonlike surface on her visage.

Having learned from some people around that these women were bestowed some Superpower by the same alien creature who gave Darna (Philippine version of Wonderwoman) the mysterious power stone. I ask them if they used their stones and they say they transformed into the hailed heroine the night before. They start telling me of how they enjoyed the power given to them. They take a seat across from the bench where I am seated and they are added to the countless people busying their fingers with their communication gadgets.

All of a sudden, everybody seems taking pictures everywhere, then to my direction. They apparently are not taking my picture and AJ's so I start to wonder. They tell me they see something through their cp's which their naked eyes can't see. I become grizzled so I stand up. All their cameras are towards my direction. Before I could see the creature they are taking pictures of, I am blown ten feet away from where I have set my foot on.

An ogre, out of nowhere appears before my eyes, with his clenched fist, he lunged a quick blow onto my chest. I feel a thud but there is no pain. I got to my feet and warn AJ to take precautions.


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