The Jukebox Door

I am at the church with the uneasiness drilling me on to get out of the sacred place. My friend who now works abroad is about to have the best time of his life. He will tie the knot with a woman he met in Taiwan but whose face is an obscurity to me. Disgustingly, I see myself dressed as a farmer, I am a reflection of a scarecrow wearing a buri hat and a pair of slacks rolled up just below my knee. My presence is an infringement of the consecrated structure.

And with my flip-flops on, I decide to sit down onto the pew at the back near the entrance of the church. I am trying to fight the force that has been wanting me to leave and ignore the special moment. I carry a backpack on my back and my ears are plugged with an mp3 player's ear buds.

ear buds. I look at the obfuscated faces mostly women taking pictures. The color pink radiating from their garments is a stand out.

I eventually see myself leaving. I can't see my friend around anymore though I know we were just talking earlier while he was smoothing over his black socks. As I turn my back towards the main door, a fabulously painted cupboard hangs down from the ceiling. It looks huge but I don't see any of its doors open. Instead, I see a small slot like that of a jukebox. A coin is necessary to unlock it.

I am now in trouble with that big pendulum hanging by the door. It literally blocks exit. I know it is easy to bend my way out but I just can't. I start looking for a coin in my pockets but they're empty. I turn towards the altar and my friend is now visible with his obscured wife having some picture taking. He gives me a coin, then I am out of my dreamzzz world.


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