Swimming Pool

Varicolored cars are lined up as they are aesthetically parked around the resort. They look like toy cars on display catching the attraction of the so many customers trying to ease themselves with a cold swim. The swimming pool is huge and kilometrically stretched around the area like an L-Square.

Myself is seen holding a pool vacuum, uncomfortable, uneasy and my eyes just keep wandering around. I seem to be looking for that high school friend of mine. He is nowhere to be seen so I continue my business.

I can't keep but be amazed at how the resort looks like. The tall palm trees with their fronds happily swaying with the breeze of the wind catch me in awe. The hot and humid air though gives me the feeling that I myself should get a splash. Had it not because been because of my best friend's mom's stern face, I would have had the liberty to plunge in the cool water of the pool.

A few moments later, my best friend's mom call me to water the fringe of plants surrounding the pool. I then get the coiled and long hose in the filter room and when I go back to where I was, the sight of my handsome best friend sends me beaming with joy, delight, and uneasiness. He is still one of my crushes. While watering the plants, my friend and I engage in a relaxing talk about good old days. All of a sudden, her mom screams in disgust. I just realized I have been shooting her with the water down her skirt instead of the plants. I fidget and stay motionless as I watch her slowly transform into a banana tree.


hahahah. ... that was amusing.. im eager to know what her mom's reaction was.

November 27, 2007 at 9:35 PM  

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