Another Nightmare

I felt so absorbed in reading this novel by a certain Janice Kaiser that I went to bed when the roosters in the neighborhood had started crowing. As I sank into unconsciousness, it was raining. With my backpack inside my white and black rain coat, I was trudging my way to school. The flooded pavement towards the entrance plus the puddles on the semi-concrete ground made it feel that my waders were useless, they were wet but I proceeded anyway.

I walked past a plomp girl, Chinese-looking. She was wearing a pink jacket and sporting an artificial blond hair in pony tail. The long queue of students waiting at the entrance for the routine check put me waiting aside taking off my rain coat. Beside me were ROTC officers superciliously looking at the faces scooting in the campus for their respective classes. It was in the morning.

As I readied my bag for the inspection, the girl in pink jacket just cut in. I gave her a dirty look and she realized how rude she was to bypass the queue. She said her apology while I gestured with my hand that was ok. That was all and my eyes opened to a brighter world, I saw my boyfriend sleeping with an old white jersey on. I felt some fingers, a thumb and an index perhaps thrusting their way to my mouth. I couldn’t see whom they belonged to. Next thing, I heard some squeashing sound. The sound of a tooth being rooted out. I started moaning in terror. AJ was right beside me, and slapped me in for the reality. It was a nightmare.

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