My Two Boyfriends

The swells of the sea seem mesmerizing. I am absorbed in its waves and its swishing sounds drifting me off to old memories.

This dream of mine takes me to a beach resort where I see myself sunk in its white sand. The thatched roof cottages are sporadically located in the area and there are modern houses made of concrete and galvanized iron placing the beach so accessible to my home. It's weird that I live in the mountains 3-hour away from the nearest beach and yet I see my house around the resort. I am enjoying my loneliness watching the billows of the sea when two milky-white skinned foreigners catch my attention. They are half naked and they take me in awe. I earn my guts to talk to the more handsome guy, trying to build some rapport, and something nasty later. Again, the animalistic lust in me gets triggered by the presence of two prospects.

The guy is surprisingly friendly. He tells me his name which my memory can't recall because his face and well-built muscles seem more notable. We take a leisurely walk ashore and around the village.

After some time, I just realize that any moment my boyfriend AJ shall be coming to call me for our lunch date in one of the cottages. I remember the guy telling me he is from Durasian- a country I have never heard before. I ask him if it is somewhere in Europe and he affirms. I feel so happy that even before AJ could arrive, he invites me for a luxurious lunch at his rented hotel room where his friend (the one I saw earlier)has been waiting. I beam in excitement as he holds my hand on our way for some meals. Before anything nasty could happen, I awake in disappointment.


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