The Bandit

"Aaargh, aaargh" I heard myself scream early in the morning today. It was a nightmare, obviously and it was a lucky one for me, I managed to grope for consciousness before anything worse could have happened.

The place was dark. The shrubs and bushes protruding side by side each other on the dim ground gave the place a labyrinthine look. I knew I was looking for the key to our office here in Manila but it was weird because I was at home. I ended up stumbling upon a dismantled and rusty sink and I ended up drinking the liquid in it, I felt sated not minding whether it was clean water or not.

The mindset I had and the awareness of the lost key, wanted to me to continue, though apparently I kept hitting those swinging coffee trees and I kept being hurled to and fro. My dizziness put myself sitting on the ground leaning on one of the robust bushes. Then I heard a flurry from a nearby distance. I heard multiple footsteps scurrying towards my location. I turned around and I saw my cousins, my sister, and my brothers. My exhaustion vanished and my face glared. I just realized then that I was at the backyard of our house.

I was very excited to enter the house with the thought that a nice rest was awaiting me inside. I didn't wait for my relatives and siblings to get closer before I tried to break in. I left them behind just a few meters from the house's entrance. When I turned to my right a few steps towards the door, a skinny, half-masked guy from below his eyes, came storming out of the house and he just scared the shit out of me. He looked like a bandit and he met me at gunpoint. I kept screaming.

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Wow LordManilaStone AKA Darna. Ngayon lang ako napapad dito. Dami mo pala talaga site. Very talented ka talaga ineng lol.......

November 19, 2007 at 7:15 PM  

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