An Act of Lasciviousness

I don't know what's up to him now. I haven't seen him for a long time. The last contact we had was almost two years ago. That was the time I turned him down borrowing money from me for the greener pasture his wife dreamt of having abroad.

Then, he joined me in one of my REM's last night. After playing basketball, we boarded a small side-car which is of course uncommon in my hometown. While on the trike, I felt a mixture of excitement having no idea of where we were headed for. My friend was behind me and sitting beside me was a foreigner who echoed an Arabian decent. He was well-built, wearing a sleeveless, checked polo shirt.

I felt some blood rush through my spine as I looked at him. He was damn gorgeous but I was earlier warned by the thought of staying quiet, avoiding that that wrong move could leave me smacked on the face. As we were about to get off the trike, this guy seated to my left just started showing some an act of lasciviousness by hornily stroking my left arm. I felt aroused but I didn't want to see myself embarrassed in front of a friend who has shown respect and looked up to me all these years. I had to feign the sensual pleasure I felt. My unfavorable reaction stirred my friend behind. Once we were all unloaded he started kicking the other guy's ass while trying to catch a speeding bus on the highway.

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