The Bouncing Donut

I had another dream last night. I remember I was with some old friends and we decided to see a movie. Strange because the location of the movie house was on a mountain. I think we were wanting to see an English Film.

The movie house was really big. It appeared like a dome outside. When I got inside, it appeared as a tunnel to me. We were at the balcony and the orchestra was plain concrete tiled stairs extending to the ground. Looking at it from the top, the balcony must have been situated really high off the ground almost touching the roof of the cinema. Looking furthere to my left, I saw another set of bigger stairs connected to the ticket-teller's window. The window was beside the balcony where we were. The set of stairs were hanging and below it was a road where cars were passing by. Following the cars with my eyes going northbound was the end of the tunnel and the light coming from the outside was enough to provide dim illumination to the cinema. When I set my eyes back to the stairs, I saw a small donut bouncing from the ticket-teller's window. The donut was bouncing like a ball 'til it fell off the hanging stairs and disappeared.

I saw myself watching either an American or English movie on one of the posts inside the balcony. The TV set was a twenty-one inch plasma TV plastered on the post. Unknowingly, I found myself watching the movie with one of its characters. The man looked like one of the actors in "Anaconda"-(the actor who played the chronicler's role and the one playing golf on their small boat)He was tall, had curly hair and was wearing a gray suit. When I was watching the movie, I saw myself in it. The scene was on a hill beside a road. The hill was partly denuded and all I could see was some barb wires surrounding the road on top. There was a slope below and some bamboo's towards the base of it. Two Caucasian lovers were walking and they were in trouble when a car stopped by and some guys were forcibly pushing them to get in the car. I wanted to help them as my friends behind me were calling me to leave the scene. I stayed and when I turned my back to see my friends leave, I heard a shot. I saw the girl sloped down the hill dead and stuck at the bamboo trees on the base.

When I woke up, I immediately grabbed my pen and small notebook. While writing some notable scenes, my boyfriend asked me what I was doing. I just told him to go back to sleep.


It does pay to have a pen and paper beside your bed. Wow, it's amazing to be able to be as detailed as that. I am not one to make interpretations of dreams. I've always believed that a dream only contains elements which have been accumulated into your subconscious while you're awake...and nothing to read between the lines. Maybe sometime before your sleep, you came across a donut store...or saw Anaconda the movie... anyway, I hope your boyfriend's sleep doesn't get cut very often because of your dream documentations. Cheers :)

July 16, 2007 at 5:24 PM  

hi topspin, thanks a lot for the comment and taking the time to read the posts, cheers as well^^

July 17, 2007 at 1:18 AM  

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