Last Night's Dream Was a Little Vague

To be honest, I had to stealthily go to the Casino last night. My boyfriend had sternly warned me not to go there but I still did. He thought it would be impossible for me to get there since I had no shoes and pants for my get-up. People in shorts and slippers are not allowed in the Casino. I think it was already almost midnight when I hailed a jeepney going to the gambling place. I had to borrow the key to the office from my fellow teacher. I usually stay at the office during the weekdays and go home on weekends.

Out of several attempts, I came back to the office at dawn with some bunch of winnings. (The roosters had finished crowing I guess.)

I had to rush to my room so teachers won't see me going out late at night and coming back to the office early in the morning. That might give them some bad impression. None of them knows about my propensity for gambling and as much as possible I want to keep it a secret.

I barely had five hours of sleep. I had micro sleeps in the duration of my sleep because I had to wake up before lunch time for my afternoon class. I dreamt I was playing roulette again with some common playmates I often meet at the Casino. The location though was in my hometown and it was strange because we were playing roulette at a cafeteria overlooking a basketball court where I saw some teenagers dancing hiphoppily. I saw vague pictures of Koreans as well and I think, one Korean stood as my uncle who was throwing a party at home.


Hi, I'm here as promised and I'm leaving a note for you.

I can see that you've been doing your homework. Writing articles in a series is a great way to encourage repeated visits.

Keep up the great job. Kudos.

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July 7, 2007 at 4:22 AM  

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