Scavenging with my backpack on, again!!!

For the nth time, my emerald green bag made its presence felt in my dreams last night.

With it on my back, I went to the school where I worked at four years ago. I met old faces and new teachers and my former Korean boss who gave me a very special welcome. The atmosphere was covered with anticipation and happiness and I got the chance to see and interact with my old colleagues. On my arrival, I was given a special task at once to collect unpaid tuition fees from the students. With a piece of pen and a notebook I headed for the company driver's house as someone had told me earlier students remitted their money to him.

With my dragged feet, I went to a familiar place where at the gate, relatives of the driver met me and my presence created a stir. Someone had told me that he keeps some students' money and I had to see him to gather the amount. The driver's house was an ordinary two-storey house without ceilings and windows. Everybody in the place told me he wasn't there. I couldn't believe them, I insisted I had to go inside the house and start looking for him. The amount of the money was huge that I really had to have it collected.

I stormed in and the driver, already a senior citizen as he seemed in my dream quickly got out of his bed on the upper floor of the house. I saw no stairs from the inconcrete ground floor extending to the man's room. I wondered how he could go down. Then, out of the braces of the ceiling, he pulled out what looked like as a rusty galvanized gutter, cascaded it down and he descended.

Tucking the money inside my bag, I hastily left the place. Then I was drifted into a place barricaded by tendrils of some tropical vines and vegetables that I had to make my way out of the compound. The house gate I saw earlier just vanished into thin air. Next sightings showed me some small huts and I was having a hard time finding exits.

The place was so defeaning other than the rustling water under. It seemed desolate despite the presence of some households. I was supposed to meet my boss after. When I looked down, I saw the barefoot me. I don't know where I put my shoes and I don't even recall taking them off, then I had to fold my slacks to knee-level while sluggishly proceeding downwards a muddy slope with the running water aggravating the slimy condition of the soil. I was struggling hard not to slip as I was making my way to the first hut down the slope.

A woman was eagerly standing by the window of the hut and pointing her hands to some rubbish drifted along the water. There were empty plastic bottles of mineral water and shampoo. Out of compulsion, my submissive mind started picking them up that I ceased to recall my original intention-to meet my boss. Suddenly, when I grabbed my backpack, it turned into an empty sack of rice and I remember putting the litters there.

My descent was so freaky that another woman at the base who surely recognized me was losing it and started saying at the top of her lungs, "Because you are a gambler and you shoud stop gambling...." Well..


Damn, dream-boy, I eat this stuff up. Your dreams--they are dreams aren't they?--are awesome. Curious questions: Do people have names in your dreams, even if you know them? Do they have their real faces or just ones that fit the dream?

August 3, 2007 at 12:02 AM  

I see familiar faces and I know that I know them though things about them change or they don't look exactly the same in reality but I know who they are. Like when I dreamt about the driver, he was actually in his 40's but he appeared older in my dream. I somehow remember calling familiar people their names. Thanks for the visit.

August 3, 2007 at 2:13 AM  

you have really interessting
And your dreams gg.:)
nice to read

August 3, 2007 at 4:41 AM  

Any tips on how to enhance dreamland? And how are you at interpretation?

August 3, 2007 at 11:07 AM  

hi rose, thanks for stopping by, i don't know but I think I must be a lucid dreamer most of the time, i dream a lot actually but i have a hard time trying to describe everything, i have a pen and a notebook beside me when i go to sleep, sometimes i make use of my cellphone to manage to write down some recalls or scenes i just had in my dream, sorry but i am no good at interpreting them

August 3, 2007 at 11:29 AM  

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