My Bicycle In An Envelope

Done counting the only money we have left(one five-hundred peso bill, two twenty-peso bills, and two five-peso coins to be exact), my boyfriend and I were about to leave home for a dine outside when a knock at the door prompted me to pocket in the money and open the door. To my surprise, it was Joel, a highschool classmate of mine.

Of all the time and all the people there are who may be intrusive to ruin my plans, why Joel? Standing at the door, his skinny built and fair complexion well matched the frame of the door and the light radiating from the outside. I don't know but he just appeared in my dreams. I haven't seen this guy in the last ten years and from what I have heard, he is already married and is happily enjoying an agrestic life in the lowlands.

He was damn good looking that I remember leaving the place and my boyfriend at once. My boyfriend just vanished from the scene, thus I didn't picture his reaction. He was there to invite me to his home after showing him the money I got. He told me of a plan to have fun and pleasure with another guy friend waiting for us at his place. I told him I just got little money but he said it was enough and he insisted I should just follow him.

While we were walking on the road, obviously enjoying the company of each other, some friends of mine in the neigborhood saw my presence. All of a sudden, Joel through body language told me that he would rent a bike to reach his place and I should just follow soon. I had no choice but to talk to some of my friends whom I have not seen for several years. How they missed me a lot that I almost forgot I had to go after Joel since I didn't know the route to his place. When I searched for my money to hail for a jeepney, what came out of my pocket was an envelope and I remember taking a bicycle out of it.

Following him on the same road, I caught a glimpse of several half-naked construction workers digging a hole along. I stopped and in my hand, all of sudden appeared a shovel. I was trying to attract the guys' attention that I think I volunteered to lend a helping hand. After a few rounds of casting up some lumps of soil, my shovel got stuck. I looked down to see what happened and I saw a strange creature between the blade of my shovel and the soil under.

The Strange Creature

I got scared at what I saw next, and I had to push my shovel even harder to avoid its fleeing it's position. While doing so, I was calling in some of the construction workers to help me catch it. The creature had the tail of a mouse, the body of a stingray and the head of a snake. It started moving its way onto my shovel and started biting the iron. It's head was blazingly red and the neck connected to the stingray-like body seemed like a flexible metal. I just kept screaming.... I forgot to follow Joel and I forgot that I was just dreaming.
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Do you understand that hearing very closely to the details of another's vivid dream is so much like falling into it, awake but mellowed? Well, that's what happens to me, anyway. Either that, or you roll your eyes and say, "Oh, how weird," which is a waste of a free resource. Thanks.

July 31, 2007 at 10:07 PM  

What a great post... it sent a shiver down my spine. Your style of writing certainly helps the reader get absorbed into the piece.

Thank you kindly, for the nice comments you left on my blog. It is truly appreciated. Thanks :)

August 1, 2007 at 10:57 AM  

My first read and I'm hooked. Loved it. It's not just the subject do write about dreams like they are dreams. I think that's hard to do...and it's pretty darn cool.

August 1, 2007 at 11:14 PM  

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