A Haven for Americans

Whenever I get really tired, I often furtively enjoy a siesta in my room early in the afternoon. Then my neighbors start looking for me so we could play 'tong-its'-a filipino card game. This is usually the case when I get home from work every weekend. I also dream a lot at this time of the day but sometimes, I get nightmares.

Just like yesterday, my dreams took me to a place which once was a haven for American soldiers near my hometown. The place was once a military base and also a prestigious tourist attraction in the Philippines. However, in the early 90's a resolution granting the Philippines custody over the place was approved and a lot has changed in the place since then. These days under the tutelary of the Philippine Government, the once-paradise place abundant with pine trees is now a picture of greedy modernization and development with its high-rise buildings and well-maintained golf courses but denuded landscapes.


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