Second Lucid Dream


After a few moments, we decided to leave my home. I could vividly recall that this guy whom I introduced as a boyfriend was wearing a white tight shirt which took the shape of his well-built figure. He was tall and handsome, a little thin but he had well-formed muscles. He was tugging me to leave. I couldn't understand why we left without even taking my baggage. Lingering in my mind was some kind of insecurity. What if he denied me after introducing him as my boyfriend? In my dream, he never confirmed that he was my boyfriend. He acted like a puppet and just followed my wishes and what I wanted to do. We didn't have the chance to have sex though as he seemed so preoccupied and I also had inhibitions.

While walking away from home, we met one of my friends in the neighborhood. In my dream, he appeared as my friend though his face looked like a co-worker I once met at a call center where I used to work. He was skinny and skin-head, with some make-up on. He looked so gay while trying to cover his head and his face with a multi-colored thin cloth and trying to climb a hill. My boyfriend did not notice him being gay and he instanly got attracted to him. I was trying to hide my jealousy as my boyfriend had taken the steps to follow my neighborhood friend. I saw my friend, lay on the ground on the hill. There were other people sleeping on the ground and they were covered with soil. They appeared to have been blanketed with soil. After a few seconds, my neighborhood friend covered himself with the soil-blanket. It was so flexible. Like the scene in latest Spiderman movie where a character named Sandman can take any form he wanted.

My friend fell asleep right away and my boyfriend was trying so hard to wake him up. He turned over and pulled his soil-blanket. His face now visible and without hesitation, my boyfriend started kissing him telling him that he was his long lost girlfriend. I was so shocked that after the revelation, they were both crying while they held each other's arms. When I looked into the sky, I saw tens of TV sets flashing in the sky and a voice-over in Malaysian or Indonesian Language announcing that they were looking for a princess who disguised as a guy.


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