Two Wheels in My Hands

As I looked inside the coach, I saw four people seated waiting for me to fill the empty slot. I moved in and as I looked at the coach driver, he gave me a familiar physicality of a male neighbor in my hometown who also happens to be a ponyboy in real life.

The carriage swaggered down the road and it even moved faster as the driver whipped it with its leather strap. All of a sudden, the carriage got dismantled and I was left behind standing on the road. The carriage was still in motion though. When I looked down, I saw two wheels under my feet and I was pantily having a chase.

The distance got longer and while I continued my pursuit, I gave another glance at my feet. The carriage wheels under turned into two spokeless wheels like that of a sofa rollers. When I took another look, the wheels shifted to my hands and turned into carriage wheels again. Though the wheels had shifted to my hands, I felt like I was riding on a something and just kept moving forward.

I started to slow down and as I approached a nearby waiting shed, the two wheels in my hands turned into two pots of beautifully hanging phlox plants.


I love this...the images are wonderful!

July 24, 2007 at 7:21 PM  

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