Snakes and Stakes

Snakes are the creatures I am most horrified by and gambling the habit I am very much addicted to. I cannot count the number of times I have dreamed of snakes though lately, gambling scenarios also cloud my dreams unceasingly in the past few days.

The other night, my dream took me to my hometown in the northern part of the Philippines. I have not been home for the last three or four months and I am really dying to see my family and my friends. In fact, two days from now, my boss will be allowing me to spend five days of vacation leave but I have no hope of making it to my hometown because I have no money at this point. I lost again at the Casino and it seems that I don't want to talk about losing anymore.

In my dreams, I saw myself and my boyfriend on a bus trying to fit our luggage on the racks inside the bus. We were arguing about our cellphones, as I wanted him to swap phones with me. Mine was an old model and his was the latest one. I think I wanted to show my parents that I could afford to buy the latest one since they expect a lot from me having a good job here in the Capital City of the Philippines.

At the bus terminal my brother picked us up driving his own 20-wheeler truck. Once inside the truck, I was wondering why it was a truck. Actually or in reality my brother is a jeepney driver. I remember my brother giving us a joy ride around the town in my hometown and my old friends one by one started joining us for the ride. When I got back home, our house was a picture of how it was like when I was a five-year old boy. It was really really old. The poorest house in the village and the only shanty in the neigborhood. Inside the house, you could not see double walls but galvanized irons with soots formed from the smoke coming from the dirty kitchen. There was no flooring as I saw myself stepping on the soiled ground.

I remember talking to my mom wearing a black sweater and her eyes teary because of the smoke coming from the dirty kitchen. She was watching TV at that time on a 7-inch screen. I actually have that TV now here in Manila. Their real TV at home is a 21-inch LG. In my dreams the TV set though was broken so my mom could only listen to the people talking but she could not see the images. I think I promised my mom I would buy her a new one on my way back to Manila and send it home. After that small talk with my mom, I asked my youngest brother and sister to come with us as I and my boyfriend whom they just know as a good friend of mine would go around the parks and souvenir stores in my city. We visited a place where they sell native artifacts and souvenirs. There was this open store with a thatched roof and a pole in the middle extending into the sky as it protruded out of the roof. Coiled around it was a really big snake. The biggest snake I have ever seen in my dreams. It looked like an anaconda and it was in grayish color. I was just staring at it with unexplained fears when all of a sudden I heard a cry nearby. It was my brother. Some store owners hammered him down to the ground because they thought he was a snatcher. I rushed to the scene and I started cryin out loud begging for help to rescue my innocent brother. I could see him pounded under the ground. I could see him from atop and he was trapped underground. When the store owners pounded him, he was like a nail which easily penetrated the soil and the ground closed at once. I rushed to open a small crack of the ground so I could see my brother and somehow make a way for some air to get through so he could breathe. I started shouting while tears were rolling down my eyes at the store owners telling them that he was my brother. Later on, he was rescued.

Arguing about buying a tribal head dress for my boyfriend was the last thing I remember about this dream of mine the other night.

When I became conscious, I kissed my boyfriend and I started thinking about my family back home.


Gambling... snakling... all the same
Turn a new leaf little boy.

July 3, 2007 at 10:58 AM  

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