Just before I got out of bed this morning. I was hanging on a huge track that seemed like a train as it was ascending into the skies. I was hanging on for dear life and the view from the top sent shivers to my spine. I got scared that I might have loosened my grip and fall down out of consciousness.

When I woke up, I thanked God, it was just a dream.

I have been used to going to sleep at around 3:00 or 4:00 a.m. So far getting at least six hours of sleep always keep me through the day. I have to spend at least ten hours a day working and I am glad I can survive the busy and tedious routine.

My dreams last night sent me once more to my hometown. There they were. My mom, my sister who happens to be our youngest among my five siblings, and our youngest brother. It was a rainy afternoon. We were on the side of the road. My mom was in one of the corner of the waiting sheds there selling some ornamental plants which appeared to me as chocolate in pots. She was with an aunt of mine who is also engaged in selling ornamental plants as a means of livelihood. My brother, my sister and I were supposed to be going on a trip out of town. I was at the waiting shed watching my mom and my siblings inched closer to the road hailing for a jeepney. I noticed that a lot of jeepneys passed by but none stopped to give us a ride. While waiting, I was listening to some music while texting. My cellphone apparently seemed like a discman, or perhaps a discman with the feature of a cellphone. It was very vivid as I saw red-wired earphones connected to my ears.

Beside my mom was my black luggage. My sister turned her head and told me that a jeepney was coming and that we were leaving. I said wait, held my luggage and I saw it filled with milk. There was no leakage, when I looked at it again, it turned into a black garbage bag, and I had to hold tight its opening to avoid spillage of the milk. I then remember asking for a plastic cup from my mom. I told my sister wait, as I had insisted I would have to drink three cups of the milk before leaving. The jeepney just passed by and we had to wait for another one. I held to garbage bag with me as I got out of the waiting shed and moved closer to the road. Fortunately, the milk inside was intact. We hailed another jeepney and when I was about to get on, the garbage bag turned into a white garbage bag. The milk still inside, I called my mom's attention to hand me the plastic cup. I insisted I had to drink three cups of milk before getting a ride. I remember the trip never pushed through and then I woke up.


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