Returning for my umbrella

It was late in the evening, around 9:00 to my estimate. I was wearing a gray shirt and a pair of khaki pants. After asking permission from my boyfriend and with an umbrella in my hand, I saw my self braving a lashing storm. The umbrella wasn't enough to protect my self so I was very drenched in the rain as I remember crossing the street. It was really dark and there was no one around nor did I see any light to signify presence of nearby structures.

Moving further, the train track above me caught my glance. I went on walking 'til I found myself on the way to a church. For no reason, I was so eager to go to church despite the inclement weather.

The church was so inviting at my arrival. The front door was open and its radiance gave me the impression that hundreds of chandeliers might have been installed adorning the ceiling of the church to provide glowing illumination. I inched myself towards the entrance and it was so quiet inside. No people around. The place was so quiet. I just walked my way and made my exit at the backdoor of the church. Then, I remember leaving my umbrella beside the concrete doorway. Since, there was no church service, I sneaked in at the restaurant next to the church.

The restaurant looked classy and its entrance was adjacent to the backdoor of the church so I decided to just drop by and find my way out there. I remember talking to a fat lady over the counter. I think she was a clerk. All of a sudden, as I was about to leave the whole place, I realized I had forgotten to take the umbrella which I left at the backdoor of the church. I ran back quickly but two male sextons just locked the doors. I didn't see my umbrella. By then the, rain has stopped.

I went back to the reception area of the restaurant. Again, I had to talk to that fat lady but I can't recall what we had to talk about. Behind her at the counter were collections of wines and on the enclosure at the the right side were trinkets of sort in shiny colors. I saw a silver bell hanging on the wall. It was made of silver. It looked like a pendant tied on a brown rope, maybe a little bit smaller than a chicken's egg. Just above it was an inscription saying that it belonged to the church and was just on display there. I just don't know why, but I remember I just had eight pesos left in my pocket and out of nowhere, I saw myself snatch the bell and quickly put it in my pocket. It was so fast that the clerk didn't notice. I quickly made my way out. Once outside the restaurant, I tried to take a look at the bell again but then it just turned into a silver whistle. At that time, I was so guilty. I stood there for sometime and I made a decision. READ THE POST RETURNING TO RETURN THE WHISTLE TO CONTINUE.



- Yep, but I found it so funny he he.

July 23, 2007 at 10:03 AM  

sounds like the start to a great book. Again you haev an awesome writing style that is both descriptive and entertaining. Thanks

July 23, 2007 at 3:10 PM  

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