Third Lucid Dream


Before I woke up that day, I had another dream sequence. The location was the school where I first worked at in my hometown. I was inside the office talking with my Filipina boss and a fellow worker. I saw my old Korean students outside the office waving their hands at me. They were delighted to see my presence at the school. My boss showed me a letter which she told was written by the same fellow-teacher I was just talking with earlier. I can't exactly recall the content of the memo but my boss asked me to correct it. After rectifying the mistakes, my boss turned to my fellow-teacher and she started shouting at her. The students outside were alarmed that they started shouting and they were roaring like lions. I remember myself talking with my boss about a possible rehire but I don't remember the rest of the talk.

It was already 11:00 in the morning when I heard the loud music downstairs. My boyfriend had awaken early and he started playing loud music.


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