Spooning Oliver in the Dungeon

As I woke up this morning, my mind was muddled with thoughts as to how to write my dreams last night. I remember three sequences and I am afraid they might get interwoven as I present them. I will narrate the more vivid ones.

The first sequence saw myself in a queue of passengers, I am not sure if we were waiting for a ride, but everytime the queue got longer, I saw each of us turn into plastic pellets or marbles and a cataract of water just washed us away. Majority of the pellets were in green and red colors. We had to form a file again but we got scattered with a surging mass of water from somewhere else just the same. The scene turned into a flood and I was already a human figure. Everybody else was running for their lives seeking higher grounds to escape the deluge. Then I saw myself on a hill overlooking a dungeon. It seemed like a tower and I could see its inside. Inside the dungeon one familiar face surprised me. It was my fellow-teacher Oliver having a sword fight with a guy whom I remember wearing a white shirt. Oliver was wearing a light brown shirt and they were engaged in a serious sword fight. I didn't picture myself gigantic but I held a spoon, put it inside the opening of the dungeon and I started intercepting the fight. I was like mixing a cup of coffee with tiny human beings inside.

The flood was gone and so was the fight. Oliver came out of the dungeon victorious and he held his beaten opponent in his right hand barbecued on his sword. There were a lot of people outside shouting and cheering and I noticed one woman crying. She was looking for her son. The woman's face was familiar with me. (I think I saw her once loafing around the Casino.)Then Oliver flung the corpse off his sword on to the sterling wires which surrounded the dungeon outside. The corpse got stuck on the sterling wires and little by little, it melted away. Its white shirt was what remained on the sterling wire. I didn't see any blood stains on the shirt. The woman I saw earlier approached the sterling wires, took down the shirt and she started crying. "He was my sonnnnn!" She was crying out loud while looking at each of the people around. I gave her a comforting hug.


That was very descriptive. Great post about your dream... I almost felt my heart beat quicker as I read.

July 13, 2007 at 11:43 PM  

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