First Lucid Dream

Who's That Guy In My Dream?

We were sharing happy moments at a certain apartment which I rented somewhere in Manila. In my dream he was my boyfriend. Totally different and more good-looking than my real-life boyfriend. We were in the kitchen giggling and fondling each other. The kitchen had a round table beautifully draped with an elegant cloth almost touching the floor. It perfectly matched the plain white walls. There were delicious meals on the table.

Never in my real life have I experienced living in a classy-looking apartment. In my dream, I was enjoying some blissful moments. After having a meal, I decided to go back to my hometown. I planned to take this guy with me and introduce him to my parents. I had doubts though and I felt uneasy. I was not so determined to take him with me because of fear that he might be rejected by my relatives and family members or my dad would have a nervous breakdown. We moved on though with the plan and I was so happy while we were seated together on the bus, our arms close to each other. I saw myself pillowing on his chest.

At home, the sight was my mom, my sister and my relatives playing a bingo game. Some neighbors were shocked to learn that I was gay. They had different reactions. I saw my sister crying when I told everybody that I was with my boyfriend. Later, I felt like in heaven for the momentary freedom given to me. Everybody accepted my revelation and there was a celebration. I didn't see my dad in the picture. My aunt hugged and told me, "I am happy that you have found yourself in Manila."

Later on, the picture was my sister and I playing some games which I cannot recall. She was telling me of her school problems and the school supplies she needed. She was telling me the number of times she was unable to buy all the school requirements. I promised her I would make sure all her needs are attended to. Suddenly, my boyfriend joined my sister and I. He just got from the other portion of the house and had chit-chat with my mom and my relatives. The next scene shocked me as I saw my sister fondling her feet onto my boyfriend's crotch. Surprisingly, I stayed my cool and I didn't give a violent reaction. I just ignored it. After a few minutes, my boyfriend exited the conversation with my sister and he made his way into the restroom. He went to the restroom. While I continued talking to my sister, I heard him singing a particular song.


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