Three Lucid Dreams (SYNOPSIS)

There are times I dream lucidly and there are times I can hardly recall what my dreams were all about. I certainly believe that we dream everyday. There are instances though that the moment our eyes open and we become conscious, our mind starts groping for a recall of our dreams. Most of the time, we get out of bed as if nothing happened last night.

You might have noticed that I don't post here everyday. When there are no posts, it means that I wasn't able to recall my dreams, or I might tend to procrastinate and post my dreams later. I still hope that you keep visiting this site for more unexpected posts.

Once, I read a book stating that the longest duration of one's dream is three seconds. After that, the sequence changes. Until now, I can't seem to be convinced that my dreams would just normally end in three seconds. Well, I really don't know. I think, I need to read more books about dreams so I have a better understanding of them.

Before going to sleep last night, I met a Malaysian guy at the Casino. He was lanky and good looking. I actually got attracted to him. He happened to be playing pontoon or black jack at the same table I was at. I thought he was a Filipino guy, he kept speaking in English so I interrupted. "Where are you from? Don't you know how to speak Tagalog?" "I am Malaysian," was his reply. Never in my life have I dreamed of meeting a handsome guy from Malaysia. I started imagining unimaginable things like, 'What if he were my boyfriend? He was a quiet guy who was more than 6 feet tall and with a fair complexion. He's got a well-formed nose which I am unfortunate to have. My friends would often refer to my nose as a 'parking lot.' When the dealing at the table we were at was over, we had to move to another table. I started riding some chips on his bet because he had winning streaks previously at the other table. Everytime we would win, he would always give me a dazzling look and I felt a little bit shy. We had small talks while playing but I did not bother to get to know him more because my boyfriend was also around there. I and my boyfriend left at around 2:00 a.m.


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