Winding The Roads With Old Friends' Faces

There are times in my dream stage where I know I dream a lot about sort of things. Too bad that when I am so tired, I can hardly recall everything. That was the case last night. I know I dreamt about lots of things but when I got up this morning, only one sequence of my dreams remained fresh and vivid in my memory.

I was inside a jeepney in my hometown. The driver was an elementary school-friend of mine. (I haven't seen him for several years now.)We were near a police station waiting for passengers to fill in. The site was familiar with me as it used to be the spot where I had to wait for jeepneys going to town. As the jeepney took off, I recognized some passengers whom I have not seen for a long time. One of them was a male neighbor and a friend, perhaps 8-years older than I am. He used to be one of my crushes in my teenage years. Another passenger was a fella whom I worked with as a youth leader in the village. The last time I heard of her was when she came back home from abroad to get married and settle to start her own family. I think she is back in Hongkong working as a domestic helper. Beside her in the jeepney, was a close friend of mine who now works in Canada. She looked beautiful as ever. I remember her glorious years joining beauty pageants in the neighborhood and taking home the bacon.

In my dreams, the roads were winding and topsy-turvy. It took us longer more than the usual to arrive at our destination. Some parts of the roads were dark and the driver was having a hard time shifting gears. When we arrived downtown, I saw my male neighbors' house instead. (Usually upon arriving downtown, the site is an old shopping mall owned by a rich and famous Chinese businessman in my hometown.) We were all in a hurry to get off the jeepney. He invited us to his house. "Hey, have you forgotten that we only have an hour from now to practice for the singing contest in the village?", he inquired. He climbed the concrete stairs to his house and waited for us to follow. When I looked up, I didn't see any house connected to the stairs. The stairs stood alone on the ground. As I and my other friends ascended the stairs, a huge piano greeted us. Like a scene in the Jack and the Beanstalk. The house seemed invisible from the outside. We were surprised to see that the guy-neighbor was playing the piano western-style. He was playing country music. We gave him suggestions about the piece that we were supposed to practice. He pushed some buttons on the piano organ itself and came three decks of tapes. He resorted to playing the tapes and we heard beautiful country music....then my alarm-clock rang at 10:00 a.m.


When you dream, do you remember if it's colored or not?

July 13, 2007 at 6:56 PM  

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