Stakes and Snakes

The other night, it was already past midnight when my boyfriend and I reached home. Sad, to say we had been to the Casino and we lost a couple of thousand pesos. I was hungry but I never bothered to have dinner anymore. I just undressed and laid my back to sleep.

I was trying to recall my dream sequence so I could start posting them accurately here. I don't remember the time I dozed off.

I and my sister were on an elevator which turned into a cubed ice cream container.

The scene was at the university which I attended a decade ago. I was touring my sister around and I was supposed to teach her how to get on the elevator there. (My sister rarely goes to town and she hasn't that much experience with elevators and stuff.)We first visited the library located at the 7th floor of the building. After that I decided to take her to my laboratory class on the ground floor of the same building. We got on the elevator and on the 5th floor the elevator suddenly turned into a blue ice cream container. We tried to fit ourselves on the ice cream container which I saw was being held by a chain connected to a large crane. When we got to the ground floor, we ended up being reprimanded by one of my professors.

I was playing roulette with my aunt.

When we got back home, the scene shifted to my aunts house. (Her house is made of two stories and the lower story is unfinished. It serves as a stockroom and a place where she hangs the clothes after washing them. The sun rarely goes up in Baguio so it is really hard to dry washed clothes. In there also lies an improvised pool table where my cousins and some neighbors play. That is also the area of the house where I used to play Bingo with my neighbors there.) I was playing roulette with my aunt. It was kinda strange because we were playing roulette together on a small wooden table. I remember explaining her the equivalent amount of chips and the bracketing of numbers. Roulette is supposed to be played on a big luxurious table. (A few days back, I also dreamed I was playing roulette in the mountains. I saw the faces of the people I usually play roulette with at the casino. In the mountains though, the roulette tables appeared to me as pool or billiard tables and were using big wooden chips, maybe the size of a leavened bread. I remember also talking to one of the folks in the mountains who appeared as the owner of the roulette table. Beside the roulette table were cabbages, carrots, and sweet potatoes. We were like in a vegetable garden or in a vegetable field. Funny, I was given chips out of sliced carrots and each chip was equivalent to ten pesos.)

After playing some roulette and after a chit-chat with my aunt, I decided to visit the nearby hill which used to be my favorite playground in my childhood. (These days, the hill is gone as the place has been buldozed and was developed into a residential area.) As I was tracing back happy memories on the hill, I came across small rattle snakes with tints of red and white color. I was really scared that every part of the ground I stepped on appeared a snake either camouflaging under fallen brown foliages or pine-needles. I was shouting while trying to avoid stepping on the snake on my way home. Then I heard some voice. I heard one of the ESL teachers I am working with right now. She was delivering a newscast in the mountain and her voice was like echoing in the area where I also saw a cataract of water cascading down the hill. I was trying to talk to her but she seemed unable to hear me.

"Tok, tok, tok!" I heard the knock at the door and it was my boyfriend's nephew telling me to get up and have some breakfast as I had to prepare for work.


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