Returning to return the stolen whistle

Things like, "What If just went home and never returned the whistle?" "This is a good piece of a present for my sister whom I haven't seen for a long time." But I think my conscience played a major role. I kept thinking outside the restaurant about what to do with the whistle. It was just beside the main entrance of the church. I decided to just give it to the male sextons I met at the church's backdoor.

The church's front door was still open at that time and to my amazement the lights were still on. I got inside and I saw there were already a lot of people praying inside. The priest was giving a sermon and I saw lots of umbrellas sprawled on the side aisle to the right. I think I saw my umbrella and I quickly grabbed it. A woman in yellow shirt rose up from the pew and started telling me it was her umbrella. Feeling restless that the scene might create a stir, I just put up the umbrella and lay it on the aisle. I remember ruining one of its hinged ribs and the woman in yellow started yelling at me. I quickly ran towards the backdoor not minding the people there. I saw a priest whose face I can't picture waiting for me at the backdoor. The doors were again open. He handed me my umbrella and gladly gave me a twenty-peso bill and told me to leave.

The incident made me feel more guilty and I lost my guts to confess about the whistle. The whistle was still in my pocket. The male sextons again closed the door and as I looked at the restaurant's reception area, its door was already shut. The place was dark. The priest and the sextons have gone and I was alone. I felt I was trapped and there was no way out. The place at the back seemed like a barricaded compound.

I moved to the right past the restaurant groping for my steps. It has begun raining again. I found a pathway extending further, I followed it and beside me on my right were bushes of what seemed hibiscus or bushy tea plants. On my left was a mass of soil slanted upward. I tried to mount the slope and I saw a small opening through the barb wires obstructing the exterior of the place. I was starting to feel exhausted. Felt like my umbrella and the whistle inside my pants were burdens. When I moved closer, I saw a road going down to my right and I saw students passing by. Just a few feet on my left, I saw a military post and I saw around three sentinels in fatigue attires. Each of them holding a rifle.

I tried to remain still in my position. I was bent under a small bench put up at the side of the road and near the military's post. Still with my umbrella in my right hand, I could clearly see the soldiers as it was dawning. One of the soldiers was on the look out at the post and the other two were seated on the ground facing the bench where I was under. They were pointing to my direction and I doubted they could see me because it was dark in my spot. A few seconds later, the surrounding has gone brighter and I was caught. I dropped my umbrella as it has turned into a rifle. Got scared of being charged with illegal possession of firearms. The two soldiers grabbed me by the left shoulder and I started crying. I told them I had to go to church on foot under the lashing storm just to pray and they shouldn't catch me. Later, the two sextons arrived and they tried to argue with the soldiers for my release.

When I got up, my right shoulder was so achy. I think I might have leaned too much to my right for a long time while I was asleep.


Thanks for adding me as a friend on Blog Catalog. I wish I could remember my dreams as vividly as you do. The times I have,though, I've used in my writing. I'm glad there's an outlet for your dreams through blogging. Dream interpretation, though, is not my forte.. good luck on finding someone to tell you what they mean :-)

July 24, 2007 at 4:12 AM  

Ouch! What a scary dream. Like Judy, I don't know how to interpret dreams, but I hope you get it figured out. I saw your comment on Judy's blog, and that's why I came to your site. In answer to your question, YES, it is possible for you to have a book of your own published. It won't be easy. Nothing in this world that's worthwhile is easy. But it is possible. :) Go for it! Have a great day.

July 24, 2007 at 6:06 AM  

I wanted to come back and answer your question... and I see Lianne gave the same answer I would have. So... just read her comment again :-)

July 24, 2007 at 10:25 AM  

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