Arriving at Norjane's place gave me a nostalgic picture of twelve years ago-those years when their house mirrorred poverty in that area of the neighborhood. Made of dilapidated galvanized iron, the ground floor of the two-storey house was left unfinished even before their father passed away.

Norjane is one of those cousins whom I have shared the bitterness of life. I find sweetness though in one of our experiences in our childhood. After exhausting ourselves playing under the scorching heat of the sun, she would often invite me to her home and since there was nothing else to eat, we would sneak in for some cold rice mixed with brown sugar. Her mom was always outside then as well as her dad. Sometimes, her not-so-younger sister would join us leaving the small jar of sugar and the sooty pot of rice empty. I would have preferred rice mixed with salt but the consolation of eating for free already gave me the satisfaction.

In my dreams, I saw the younger version of me collecting some debts from the people I know in the neighborhood. I just came from Norjane's place and her younger sister told me that Norjane had been gone for a long time to settle her own family in a far away place. I don't remember her borrowing any money from me but I don't know why I had to see her in my dreams last night.

With a pen and a notebook in my hands, my feet took me to a nearby sari-sari store (a variety store or a store smaller than a convenience store). From the entrance, I saw some people drinking beer with the store owner busily serving them at the veranda next to the store. I moved closer to the veranda and some familiar faces there created a stir. They all approached my presence.

At first when I saw them at the veranda, they were all Filipinos but as they started to gather around me some Korean faces also appeared. Two Korean females sporting some long hair who seemed like my previous students took each of my arms and led me to a stairs extending to the interior of the compound. One of them kissed my cheek and I screamed in disgust. Near the stairs, I laid down some receipts and list of debts and while doing some inventory, I came to a halt...

I felt like puking when I noticed a long strand of hair protruding out of my mouth. I started pulling it out but it seemed so long that I felt exhausted in doing so. I asked the help of one of the Korean females I met earlier, she helped me pull it out and while she was doing it, I freaked out as the hair turned into a copper wire. While she was enjoyably removing it out of my system, the copper wire was forming into a spider web and some tiny spiders came to life crawling onto the web. When I looked at her to tell her to stop, she turned into someone who looked like "Sadako"-the character in the movie, "The Ring."


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July 26, 2007 at 10:01 PM  

hey, cool site! i added you in my technorati fave list. i heard you are a filipino, just like me. let's support all filipino bloggers.

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Hi dear friend' really a beautiful blog you have. well i also famed you in blogging to fame. i hope you will take me as a friend and come to see my blog an if you like it "fam me" i will be waiting for you. . .

July 30, 2007 at 5:41 AM  

Wow, there are some really powerful images here in your dream diary! I sometimes wonder about collecting my dreams, but writing them so that they are good for others to read takes skill. You have that skill!

It's nice to come and visit you here by the way, and thank you for visiting me :)

July 30, 2007 at 8:53 AM  

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