Flying Dreams-Keep Coming Back

Superman is one of my favorite superheroes. I had a very special inclination towards Superman eversince though I did not get much chance to watch all the series. My family was not that priviliged to own its own TV set and I was lucky everytime my classmate in elementary would invite me to his house and we keep watching Superman videos. Amazement is the word that best describes the feeling I have everytime I think of him, much more when I see him on the screen. When I was a kid, I always dreamt of flying myself. I wanted to know how it felt flying and being a famous superhero that people in the world look upto. How I eagered to save people from evils and catch robbers in heists. (Sigh) Those were the days.

When playing with friends, I always put on an empty sack of rice tied around my neck and mimic Superman flying. I would look for heights where I could jump with my right hand thrusted forward in a clenched fist and my left hand towards my chest.

I really wonder how it feels like flying. I am getting older and for the record I haven’t tried getting on the plane yet, so I have no idea how having jetlag feels. Is that similar to a buslag? Well, if there is a such a term.

One of the dreams which keep crossing my mind occurred back in my college years. Though occasionaly, I see the same kind of dream. I would see myself in a mountain flying and swooping down the hills and rooftops in the neighborhood. I had no cape or whatsoever. I was just flying. Later on, I would see myself riding a bicycle flying. After that, I see myself involved in some chase incidents and while trying to elude the bad guys running after me, I would suddenly transform into a frog leaping hundreds of meters into the sky. At one point, I saw myself driving a car and the car was also flying. Before I arose into consciousness, the car cascaded down on a cliff…Weird..What do you think?


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